Books That Followed Me Home (BTFMH) is a meme I have on my blog where I show case all the books that have "followed me home" when I'm innocently out running errands or at local shops or events. I've had books follow me home from grocery stores, conventions, chain stores and garage sales. It's quite the thing!

So basically, this is a meme to show all of the books I've bought, but tell my self they just followed me home, so I don't feel so bad about all the book buying I do. Any one is welcome to join in, just leave a comment in the latest BTFMH post with a link to your blog so I can see what books followed you home. I'd love to see others who have the same "problem" as I do!

  • Create a post or vlog or both showcasing all the books that followed you home. You can do it weekly, monthly, or when ever it happens to you. Books can come from pretty much any where, whether you ordered them online, grocery stores, garage sales, book stores - anywhere a book is found and can follow you home!
  • Link back to me and leave a comment in my most recent BTFMH post. So I cans see what books followed you home.

At the moment, I have no set schedule when I do these, ideally I'd like to try once a month, but I can't guarantee, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has the problem of books following them home. So please join in! 

Below is a listing of all BTFMH posts. **Please note sometimes I combined BTFMH with memes from other blogs, like Library Loot or IMM. Please note I'm not connected to these memes and all credit belongs to the creators.**

BTFMH (10) - March 3, 2012 (February Edition)
BTFMH (11) - July 22, 2012 (July Edition)

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