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A vehicle mortgage is now one of the easiest ways to quickly borrow cash. Classic banks refuse to lend to their most loyal customers, leaving them with their financial worries. If you cannot borrow money from relatives, friends or acquaintances privately, you will find more than just an alternative in a reputable car pawnshop.

On closer inspection, the use of a vehicle as a pledge is an extremely attractive way of generating short-term liquidity. Good Credit is such a reliable pawnbroker who grants you a motor vehicle pawn loan for 3 months at fair and transparent conditions without asking Schufa.

Which vehicles can I lend for a vehicle mortgage loan?

Which vehicles can I lend for a vehicle mortgage loan?

To obtain a vehicle mortgage loan from Good Credit, a vehicle must be pledged. This is possible, for example, in our car pawn shop in Frankfurt or in our car pawn shop in Munich. In principle, we accept the following vehicles in the Rhein-Main area and in Bavaria :

  • car
  • motorcycle
  • truck
  • boat
  • Antique car
  • caravan

Are you planning to mortgage another vehicle with us? Do not hesitate and speak to us openly. Whether in Mainz on the Rhine, Frankfurt on the Main, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Rosenheim or Munich: We are also open to other vehicles at all of our locations.

Apply for a vehicle mortgage: What is the procedure?

Apply for a vehicle mortgage: What is the procedure?

Obtaining a vehicle mortgage loan from Good Credit is much less bureaucratic than a traditional bank. You simply provide us with important information about your vehicle deposit, such as the type, mileage or subsequently installed extras. We calculate the vehicle value and based on it the amount of your vehicle deposit loan.

If you agree, we will make an appointment with you – if possible on the same day. In addition to the deposit, you bring all important documents such as the vehicle registration document or the de-registration certificate with you. You and Good Credit sign the mortgage loan agreement, whereupon we will immediately pay you your instant vehicle loan in cash.

Do I get my vehicle mortgage loan without a credit check?

If you apply for a vehicle mortgage loan at Good Credit and ultimately receive it as cash, then this always happens without asking Schufa . And not only that: In general, you get your vehicle mortgage loan without a credit check, so that your income or your creditworthiness does not matter.

We guarantee that we will never cooperate with a credit agency and will not do so in the future. Trust the highest level of discretion and that your credit rating is never decisive for the amount of your instant loan, but only the value of the vehicle you use as a deposit.

What is the term of my vehicle mortgage loan?

Our vehicle mortgage loan has a regular term of 3 months. When you sign the mortgage loan agreement, you also ensure the greatest possible flexibility. Because with us you can change the term depending on your personal circumstances.

If, for example, you unexpectedly receive a large amount of money with which you would like to redeem your mortgage early, you can easily initiate this with us by calling.

Pick up your vehicle the very next day. An extension of another 3 months is also conceivable. To do this, you simply pay the previously incurred loan costs. A complete car sale is also possible.

What are the costs associated with a vehicle mortgage loan?

What are the costs associated with a vehicle mortgage loan?

There are always certain costs associated with a vehicle mortgage, which cannot be shaken. We are open about our pricing structure. It is guaranteed in the area of ​​the legal requirements and consists of 3 components :

  • interest
  • demurrage
  • loan fees

You will generally find such a cost structure in the vehicle pawn loan business. We charge the fees and interest relating to your vehicle mortgage loan every month to the day. The parking fee, on the other hand, is incurred daily and varies depending on the vehicle being lent.

What distinguishes the car pawn loan from Good Credit?

You have to trust a pawnbroker. At Good Credit, you develop that very quickly, because we handle all conditions transparently. If you apply for a vehicle mortgage loan from us, choose a member of the German mortgage loan industry. We have also been successfully involved in the automotive industry for several decades.

Do you appreciate a fast and unbureaucratic process? Even then we are your contact person, where you will, of course, receive an individual appointment. In addition, we will place your pledged vehicle in an insured building. It is protected there and we regularly maintain it there. Your car loan from Good Credit is always connected with top service.

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