Sunday, March 18

Saying Goodbye to the Blog.

After a lot of thought, I've decided to say goodbye to this blog.

I'm both sad and relieved about this decision. On one side, I've dedicated nearly ten years of my life into reviewing books on this blog, and I've met and discussed books with some fantastic people. On the other side, my drive to review books is no longer where it was. As you've seen, in the last few years my posts have declined significantly, while some of that was due some personal hiccups in the road, I also don't have that desire to review the books I read. It's become a chore, rather than a fun hobby.

Another reason for saying goodbye is I'm focused on a new adventure in my life - becoming an author. I'm working on an author website, writing more books, and promoting the one (and hopefully more), I have published.

I have saved a backup of the blog, in case I decide to come back to it, and you can still find me on Goodreads, and eventually my author website.

Where to find me:
Facebook Page (for my first book, Lester's Great Adventure)

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the years - it has been fun and, I look forward to sharing this next step in my life with you.

~ Julie M. Dobson

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  1. Completely understandable, Julie: all the best in your new chapters! :)