Sunday, February 26

Book Review: Wasted in Love

Title: Wasted in Love

Author: Allan Wilson

Pages: EBook 131

Summary: Set against a backdrop of menial employment, escape into alcohol and an unflinching belief that life has the potential to offer so much more, Wasted in Love explores the tragedy and humour that exists in the everyday lives we lead. Whether they are starting out in life or having a cold moment of realisation, Allan Wilson s poignant vignettes are powerful, unflinching in their honesty and full of dark humour. We see the real world of love; couples fight, break-up, make-up and fall in and out of love. Lies, suspicion and betrayal haunt them. But when they come together in love, can they escape and rise above their problems?

A Celebration
Dangers Far Worse Lost Than Run
Lost in the Supermarket
We Are More Than This
Black 26
Important Things to Do
After the Party
A Couple
Her Last Night
Sharkman #1
Day 19
Life Expectancy
Swimming With the Sharks and Bungee Jumping
The Marijuana Room
Everybody Will Be Orphans

My Rating: 7.25/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was an enjoyable short story collection, which I found to be well written. All the stories were quick and well developed; however, this wasn’t a short story collection I could say I loved. The entire time I was reading it, it always felt like something was missing to give it that extra push to go from good to fantastic, but it was definitely worth reading.

The stories all had an eclectic set of characters, which were well developed. Some were a bit raw and hardened, and in most cases, a rather miserable group of people. A lot of stories show them at their less than desirable qualities, I can’t say any of the came out to be likeable for me, but I think they were incredibly well written. They were realistic and fleshed out, which I always appreciate. This was a case where I could still enjoy the stories, yet not enjoy the characters in them.

The writing style was what kept me invested in the collection, although the complex, broken and sometimes miserable characters and their stories also helped factor into it. It’s a real look at people and their relationships, and it was an interesting read at times.

In the end, it was a well written collection of stories, but something was missing from it to make it a truly fantastic read.

Would I recommend it to read:  I think I would recommend this one to anyone who enjoys short story collections. It’s not my favourite collection, but it does have a uniqueness to it, compared to other short story collections I’ve read.

What to read next: More Scottish authors, I picked this one at random so I don’t have much to go by.

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