Saturday, January 14

Book Review: To Trade the Stars

Title: To Trade the Stars

Author: Julie Czerneda

Pages: 479

Summary: Jason and Sira - he a human telepath and independent trader, she now Speaker for the Clan Council, as well as Jason's life partner - are trying to forge a life for themselves free of the demands of both the Clan and Drapsk, a race determined to claim Sira as the long-awaited Mystic One. And as if these conflicting demands aren't making life complicated enough there are at least two other factions with far more dangerous seeking intentions seeking them out.

Any hope Sira and Jason have of charting their own course seems likely to vanish forever when they are unexpectedly caught in conflict between the Drapsk and a mysterious race that dwells in the M'Hir. With all of their energies directed toward this crisis, will they become easy prey for those among the Clan and the humans who are already mobilizing t take advantage of the conflict?

My Rating: 8.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I enjoyed the conclusion to the series; it was fun, engaging, and interesting throughout the story – it was hard to put down at times. Knowing that it was the last book in the trilogy, also factored into my excitement about this book. While I do have the first book in the next trilogy in the Clan Chronicles, it will be a while before I get to it, which means a long wait before I find out what happens next.

I liked how the story played out – questions were answered about some of the background information on the characters, and other elements, including the world(s) the book is set in.  Although there is still a lot of questions I have and I always want more information, especially about all of the little creators who appear in the book. For the most part, it all came together in this book, and I was mostly happy with the results.  I’ll even miss the Drapsk – those cute, annoying, little creatures. Their involvement in this story was very entertaining at times making for an amusing read whenever they were involved.

Another aspect of the story to note, was Seymon’s involvement in this book. It was interesting, and went in a direction I wasn’t expecting. I was surprised with how things turned out for him and where his story lead in the end, and I’m unsure how I feel about it.

I enjoyed the ending to the series. While there is (now), a third trilogy set after this one, it’s an ending that is satisfying enough you wouldn’t have to read the next trilogy, but also enough room for the adventure to continue and to make you want to read the next trilogy.  But honestly, who wouldn’t want to dive into the next set of stories?

Overall, a satisfying book – I’m looking forward to Sira and Morgan’s next adventure.

Would I recommend it to read:  I would, the entire serious has been wonderful it has a unique quality to it and excellent characters – well worth checking out.

What to read next: This Gulf of Time and Stars, the Stratification trilogy if you haven’t read it yet.


  1. I have been meaning to try her, so I am glad this series is worth checking out!

  2. I know, I know: I keep saying that I need to read some of her books. Glad to hear that the resolution for this series was so satisfying for you!