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Book Review: Bear

Title: Bear

Author: Marian Engel

Pages: 126

Summary: The winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction, Marian Engel’s most famous – and most controversial – novel chronicles the erotic love affair between a woman and a bear. Lou has travelled to a remote island in northern Ontario to catalogue an eccentric nineteenth-century colonel’s library. Eager to investigate the estate’s curious history, she is shocked to discover that the island has one other inhabitant: a bear. Irresistibly, Lou is led along a path of emotional and sexual self-discovery, as she explores the limits of her own animal nature through her bizarre and healing relationship with the bear.

My Rating: 8/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I went into to this book knowing that it was a controversial book and having an idea of what some of the content would be - but I wasn't expecting fifty shades of bear. Yet, despite some of the more, graphic sexual scenes, the book was a good read. The book was definitely one of those books that wasn't exactly in my normal confront zones of reading and I wasn't expecting as graphic of a bear and woman love scene - if you can call it that. But that part of the book is so small, although shocking when you first read it, it isn't the focus of the book. Although, it does stick with you and makes some interesting conversation pieces.

What the point of the book was a woman's self discovery, finding love and loving herself. The emotional journey she goes on was beautifully written and original. It is a book that sticks with you and one that is very memorable because of how the author chose to tell Lou's journey of self discovery. It especially stands out compared to other books like it, because of how the author chose to carry out Lou's journey.

Overall, it's a bit of a hidden gem and worth reading.

Would I recommend it to read: I would recommend it to read - although, some readers could be turned off by some of the content of the book, it is worth checking out.

What to read next: I'd try more of the author, The Edible Woman by Margaret Atwood also would be a good choice

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