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Book Review: Rift in the Sky

Title: Rift in the Sky

Author: Julie Czerneda


Summary: The Stratification trilogy -- of which Rift in the Sky is the final volume -- returns to an earlier point in the Clan's history, before they left Cersi. Known as the Om'ray, they are divided into widely scattered tribal Clans, constrained from advancing beyond a certain point by two powerful races -- the Oud and the Tikitik.

Rift in the Sky opens at a critical moment for the world of Cersi and the Om'ray Clans. As more Om'ray master the Talent of moving through space via the M'hir dimension, their newfound freedom threatens the delicate balance between Cersi's three races. At the same time, it causes a perilous division within the Clans themselves between those who do and don't have this Talent.

The crisis escalates when outsiders from Trade Pact space discover archaeological treasures left by the legendary Hoveny civilization. As Cersi becomes the target of interstellar raiders, the Om'ray realize that any hope for survival lies in using the forbidden power of the M'hir to find a haven where their enemies will never look for them....

My Rating: 9/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was an amazing finale to the trilogy, wow! There was a lot to this book, more so than the other two in the series, a lot happens, a lot is explained, more isn't explained and leaves you wanting and waiting for more, but it does an excellent job at setting the story up for the next part of the series.

I love how the author creates the characters voices and how different the three types of species and races are from each other. All are distinct, well shaped and developed. I also enjoy how they all have this grey area, I don't necessarily think the Oud or the Tikitik are evil. As I always had trouble balancing which was the greater enemy towards the Om'ray.

The last one hundred pages or so, were fantastic, and set the series up for the next trilogy of books. I was completely immersed in those last pages, even more than I was reading the first part of the book. I have read the next book in the Clan Chronicles Saga, A Thousand Words for Stranger, but that was a few years ago, and I only remember aspects of it - but what I do remember, this book gives a lot of little hints of what's to come. This also has me even more excited for the book coming in November.

Would I recommend it to read: Oh yes, I would. Read the entire series (Stratification) then read the next series in the Clan Chronicles (Trade Pact) and then you'll be ready for the next book, coming in November 2015!

What to read next: A Thousand Words for Stranger

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