Saturday, August 8

Book Review: Swarm

Title: Swarm

Author: Lauren Carter

Pages: EBook 264

Summary: In a not-so-far-off future of diminished energy reserves and collapsing economies, thirty-seven-year-old Sandy Burch-Bailey lives a difficult existence. She survives by fishing, farming, and beekeeping in a small island community with her partner, Marvin, and their elderly and ill friend, Thompson. As they wait for an overdue supply ship to arrive with medicine for Thompson, vegetables go missing from their garden. A footprint in the soil leads Sandy to believe the thief is a homeless youngster. Childless and aching to be a mother, Sandy narrates her story to the child, reliving her life in a city plagued by power outages, unemployment, and violent protests. When the girl’s life is threatened, Sandy and Marvin must come together to protect both the child and their fragile community.

Told in two storylines divided by geography and time, Swarm is a suspenseful and powerful debut novel about survival and coming to terms with life’s regrettable choices.

My Rating: 8.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I really enjoyed this book, it had a slower pace compared to other post-apocalyptic books, but that is what made the book as good as it was. The author took careful time to examine her characters and how they developed throughout the story, as well as taking the time to create her post-apocalyptic work, which was incredibly well done, and very realistic.

The story and many of its characters, was dark, depressing, but the book was very engrossing and hard to put down at times. I really enjoyed the writing style and would definitely read the author again. This book in particular is one I'd highly recommend.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, it was an enjoyable post-apocalyptic read. Dark, but good.

What to read next: The MaddAddam Trilogy

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  1. I haven't read any post-apocalyptic stories in a while, but this one sounds good. I like those that focus on the survival, self-subsistance aspect of things... not the violence and disease and stuff like zombies...

    1. The this would be a good choice for you. I'm also not big on the zombiesque style in post-apocalypse either.

  2. Hi Jules: Thanks for taking the time to read Swarm and offer this review. Thoughtful readers like you make it all worthwhile! - Lauren (