Sunday, April 5

First Quarter Wrap-Up - 2015

I can't believe it's April already? Where is the year going? Anyone know? Because it feels like time is flying by. So far the reading year is going okay, I'm a little behind, but not by much and so far the majority of books have been good ones, so being slightly behind my goal is okay for me.

Books Read 

These past few months I've managed to read finish a big series (Sookie Stackhouse) tackle one of those "I've always meant to read that (Outlander, and have to say, wasn't impressed and I won't be continuing with the series). I read a few books by my favourite authors, read a book of poetry, which is new for me.

This quarter, my favourite books were; Station Eleven, Gone Girl and The Buddha in the Attic.
My least favourite books were; Devil Wears Prada, The Outlander and All My Puny Sorrows.

1) Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris (Started in 2014) - 8.75/10
2) All My Puny Sorrows - Miriam Toews - 6.5/10
3) The Outlander - Diana Gabaldon - 6/10
4) A Week in Winter - Meave Binchy - 7.5/10
5) Power Politics - Margaret Atwood - 8.25/10
6) Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs - 7/10
7) Among Others - Jo Walton - 8.75/10
8) The Buddha in the Attic - Julie Otsuka - 9.75/10
9) The Reader - Bernhard Schlink - 7/10
10) Knots and Crosses - Ian Rankin - 8.75/10
11) Monkey Beach - Eden Robinson - 7.75/10
12) Revenge Wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger - 2/10
13) Friend of My Youth - Alice Munro - 7/10
14) The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan - 8/10
15) Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel - 10/10
16) Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn - 9.75/10

Challenge Progress

Despite being slightly behind in my reading goal of the year (105 books) I am very happy with my progress on my challenges. As usual, I'm neglecting the Finish that Series Challenge - I should be picking up one of the books in the challenge shortly. While I'm technically finished 8th Annual Canadian Book Challenge, I'm still not finished my personal goal for the challenge - read 13 books by Canadian Woman Speculative authors. I've only read about 7. So, I still have some reading to do. Otherwise, I'm happy with the challenges, so far this year.

1) 2015 100 Books Challenge - 15/100 Books - 15% Complete
2) 2015 Category Challenge - 15/75 Books - 20% Complete
3) 2015 Chunkster Reading Challenge - 1/7 Books - 14% Complete
4) 8th Annual Canadian Book Challenge - 16/13 Books - 123% Complete
5) 2015 Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge - 2/10 Books - 20% Complete
6) 2015 Ebook Challenge -7/25 Books - 28% Complete
7) 2015 Finish That Series Challenge - 0/5 Books / 0/4 Series - 0% Complete
8) The 2015 Mount TBR Challenge - 11/36 Books - 31% Complete
9) 2015 New Authors Challenge - 8/25 Books - 32% Complete
10) Read Scotland 2015 Challenge - 2/9 - 22% Complete
11a) The 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge - Local Challenge 2/20 Books 10 % Complete
11b) The 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge Award Challenge 1/20 Books - 5% Complete
11c) The 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge - Genre Challenge 3/20 Books - 15% complete
11d) The 2015 Ultimate Canadian Reading Challenge Total of all challenges - 6/60 - Total - 10% completed

Countries Visited

For the first quarter of the year, I travelled to the following countries during my reading adventures; Canada, USA, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, and Germany

Other Bookish Stuff

I've started using my goodreads account more, I use to love LibraryThing, and while it's good for the cataloging of my books, I'm finding it easier to keep up with the discussions on Goodreads. I've had a lot of fun with some of the group reads and have found some new authors because of it.

I've also been working away with Ad Astra, a Science Fiction, Fantasy and everything in between literary convention which is coming up in a week. (April 10, 11 and 12). It has both reading, writing elements along with costuming, prop building and more. If you are in the Markham Ontario area, check it out Ad Astra . I work on the book launches, and we have some good ones this year.

Books That Followed Me Home

In the past three month, the following books followed me home. There's been a few ebook sales lately, can you tell?

1) The Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury
2) Red Rising - Pierce Brown (EBook)
3) Rat Medicine & Other Unlikely Curatives - Lauren B. Davis (EBook)
4) Bear - Marian Engel
5) The Memory Collector - Meg Gardiner (EBook)
6) Neuromancer - William Gibson
7) King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - Roger Lancelyn Green (EBook)
8) The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
9) The Book of Negroes - Lawrence Hill (Ebook)
10) Etta and Otto and Russell and James - Emma Hooper
11) The Pawn - Steven James (Ebook)
12) The Lathe of Heaven - Ursula K. Le Guin
13) At The Mountains of Madness - H.P. Lovecraft
14) The Bourne Identity - Robert Ludlum (Ebook)
15) Poems - Slyvia Plath
16) The Long Earth - Terry Pratchett / Stephen Baxter (EBook)
17) Hide and Seek - Ian Rankin (Ebook)
18) Tooth and Nail - Ian Rankin (Ebook)
19) Monkey Beach - Eden Robinson (Ebook)
20) Cast in Shadow - Michelle Sagara (EBook)
21) Cop Town: Novel - Karin Slaughter (Ebook)
22) Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel (Ebook)
23) Wanted - Nick Stephenson (EBook)
24) Panic - Nick Stephenson (EBook)
25) Radiant - Towers Trilogy - Karina Sumner-Smith (EBook)
26) Erasing Memory - Scott Thornley (EBook)
27) Among Others - Jo Walton (Ebook)
28) The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien - Clothbound edition
29) Love Poems - various authors

And that's it folks Happy Reading and Happy April (where I am, it's April.......)


  1. It seems hard to believe we're a quarter into the year so far. I've not read the specific books I'd planned to read for the Canadian Book Challenge either, only three of the thirteen. But, like you, I've read lots of other Canlit of course. I'm trying to finish some series, too, but as you've said, it's a chronic problem. *rolls eyes* Good luck with the next quarter and the rest of the year!

    1. The series thing is the worst. I have a lot I want to start, a lot I need to finish and then stand-a-alone books are there too, which usually win because not only do I have a lot of books in a series that have multiple books or series with in a series, they are also long books. Sigh - book readers problems.