Tuesday, April 28

Book Review: Saltsea

Title: Saltsea

Author: David Helwig

Pages :EBook 193

Summary: A lovely, meditative novel, a story about memory, and about how what once was continues to affect what is and what will be. It is the story of a place -- a hotel on the shores of Prince Edward Island, of the family that used to own it, and the people who have been its caretakers.

My Rating: 6 /10

What I liked/disliked about the book: While I enjoyed the writing style, it pulled me in from the start, the characterization and overall story didn't connect well with me, which put me off the book.

I loved the style of writing, it was lyrical and helped set the scene of the book and added to the setting of PEI, Canada. I enjoyed that aspect of the book and that aspect of the book gave me high hopes for the rest of the story. Unfortunately, I didn't like the characters, I couldn't connect with them and found them to be bland, crude and had little development. While I did like the idea that some characters were probably, meant to be unlikeable for the story, something about them took away from the story as a whole.

I also found while I enjoyed the initial idea behind the story, it didn't seem to go anywhere in the end, and I began to get bored with the story, as it felt like it wasn't going anywhere.

Overall, I enjoyed the writing, I found the rest of the book didn't exactly connect with me.

Would I recommend it to read: I'm not sure, while the writing was excellent, the story and its characters just didn't connect with me - and I think other readers would feel the same.

What to read next: Tide Road - it also takes place in PEI

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