Sunday, April 26

24 Hour Read-a-thon - Update 5

Currently Reading: Rift in the Sky by Julie Czerneda - oh is it getting good!

Total Pages Read: 852

Pages read since last update:108

Books Finished: 6 (Girl on Train and Book of Negroes started before readathon)

- Girl on the Train
- The Book of Negroes
- The Transfer - Veronica Roth
- Four: The Initiate - Veronica Roth
-Four: The Son - Veronica Roth
- Four: The Traitor - Veronica Roth

Cups of Coffee Consumed: 4.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes Consumed: 4

Hours of Reading 12 hours 30 minutes (approx)

Whereabouts Personal Cheerleaders (aka the Cats, Tonks and Lupin): Cats are asleep, again. Not to self, get louder, cheerleaders next year.

Other: Had a few mini nap between 10:20 - 11:20 dozed, read, etc. So not sure how accurate hours read is at this point. I have a great stopping point in by current read, or so I thought, until I read it and now I want to finish the book! 110 pages.... can I do it? (In theory, I could go to bed now, wake up at 5 and finish it, since it's a time I get up at every other day of the week. We'll see.)

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