Saturday, April 25

24 Hour Read-a-thon - Update 4

Currently Reading: Rift in the Sky by Julie Czerneda

Total Pages Read: 744

Pages read since last update: 211

Books Finished : 6 (Girl on Train and Book of Negroes started before readathon)

- Girl on the Train,
 - The Book of Negroes
 - The Transfer - Veronica Roth
 - Four: The Initiate - Veronica Roth
-Four: The Son - Veronica Roth
 - Four: The Traitor - Veronica Roth

Cups of Coffee Consumed : About to have my fourth, it's brewing now.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes Consumed: 4

Hours of Reading : 9 hours 30 minutes (approx)

Whereabouts Personal Cheerleaders (aka the Cats, Tonks and Lupin): Lupin has stolen my chair, I went to get a glass of water and he stole my spot.

Tonks is trying to figure out how to get on to the fireplace, or into the entertainment cabinet, or chase some unseen/unknown force only she can see.

My fiance, joined me for an entire 15 minutes and then got distracted. He's now singing, some song, from some musical (Or Xena the TV show....?!?)

Other: Getting tired, this is getting close to my usual bed time. I likely won't make it the full 24 hours, but I should be able to make it until midnight. Now, to get my chair back from my cat......

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great so far! Have fun!