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Book Review: Riders of the Storm

Title: Riders of the Storm

Author: Julie Czerneda

Pages: 450

Summary: Then Om'ray Aryl Sarc – gifted with a forbidden Talent – upsets the long maintained balance between the three species, and she and her supporters are exiled from Yena Clan, taking with them Enris Mendolar, a young man who has left Tuana Clan on the ritual journey to find a mate. When they finally find a new home in the mountains, it is the ruined, deserted village of Sona, a forgotten Clan. And the seeming haven soon becomes the focus of conflict.

First Aryl discovers that the Oud who destroyed Sona haven't left. Instead, they are hunting for relics of a long-vanished, legendary race with the aid of Trade Pact agents. Then the Tiktik deny the Oud claims that Aryl's people are the Sona Clan, insisting the territory now belongs to them. When blood is spilled, Aryl must become Clan Speaker to try negotiate for peace.

Other Om'ray arrive, including some determined to learn the secret of Aryl's Talent. And even as she struggles with the perilous situation in Sona, Enris must take desperate measures to try to save his own clan from the destructive power games of the Oud and the Tikkit. But will the price of Sona's survival prove too high. . . ?

My Rating: 8/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: The book was a great read, while I didn't love it as much as the first, it was still an incredible read and I can't wait to find out how the trilogy ends and how it impacts the next three stories in the Clan Chronicles.

The book picks up soon after the other left off, and there was some interesting developments and surprises along the way. The author takes a lot of care with her characters and I'm really becoming attached to some of them. I'm itching to find out what happens to them in the final book. They're also showing some great development along the way.

This story didn't grab be as fast as the first book did, but there were a lot of details throughout the story that I think will be important in the final book and helped push the story along to the final stage. The writing is, engaging and fun and the voice of the characters really shine.

Overall, it was a great read.

Would I recommend it to read: I would. Especially if you're a fan of science fiction. This is one of the must reads in the genre.

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Note: This book is part of my August Reviews

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