Wednesday, December 31

Book Review: Docherty

Title: Docherty

Author: William McIlvanney

Pages: EBook 255

Summary: Tam Docherty's youngest son, Conn, is born at the end of 1903 in a small working-class town in the west of Scotland. Tam will stop at nothing to make sure that life and the pits don't swallow up his boy, the way it did him. Courageous and questioning, Docherty emerges as a leader of almost unshakable strength, but in a close-knit community tradition is a powerful opponent.

My Rating: 9.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was a fantastic read, it had a nice pace to it, although slower than what I've been reading lately, it worked wonderfully for the book. The book focused on the Docherty family, although Conn and Tam had most of the focus, all of the characters we well written, developed and very realistic. Angus and Kathleen seemed to have the least amount of development and progress in the story, but they were still incredibly well rounded characters. This is one of those books were you become very fond of the characters, which help create an emotional read.

One aspect I enjoyed, although it was a small piece of the story was Mick's time during the war and recovery afterwards. The author did such a wonderful job at bring the horrors of war and how to recover it, without overpowering the heart of the story. It flowed nicely with the story as a whole and I enjoyed Mick's development around it.

There's so much to the story, that made it such a fantastic reading, especially the ending! It was shocking, emotional and wonderful all at the same time. Jaw dropping is another word for it, I wasn't expecting it, although perhaps I should have, but I was shocked nonetheless. And because of the connection I had with the characters, it made for a very emotional read for me.

Would I recommend it to read: I would. This is a gem of a read, and so well done, I would highly recommend this one. Excellent writing, incredible characterization make it one I'd put at the top of my recommended reads.

What to read next: More books by the author, Kiln appears to be a related book to this one.

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