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Book Review: Fifth Business

Title: Fifth Business

Author: Robertson Davies

Pages: 257

Summary: Ramsay is a man who has returned from the battle-grave at Passchendaele in World War I.As he tells his story, it begins to seem that from boyhood, he has exerted a perhaps mystical, perhaps pernicious, influence on those around him. His apparently innocent involvement in events as the throwing of a snowball or the teaching of card tricks to a small boy in the end prove neither innocent nor innocuous.

My Rating: 7.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: The book grabbed my interest from the start, mainly due to the writing, and while the story didn't always engage me, the book has me wanting more from the author, and it's very likely I will read the rest of this series in the near future.

What I liked best about the book was the writing, it hooked me in from the start and kept me reading to the end. I will definitely read the rest of the books in the trilogy and probably everything else by the author, as the writing and storytelling was just that good.

The only snag was this particular book lost me part of the way through. While I enjoyed the story, I did feel that there were parts that dragged on and I was hoping the story would move faster. I also found there wasn't a character I really enjoyed, I didn't dislike any of them, but there wasn't a character that stuck with me. With that being said, the characters were very complex and full of depth, they just didn't jump out at me, which usually happens when the author has similar style to Davies. Overall, it was a good book, and one that is well worth reading, I will definitely be adding the author to the top of my CanLit reading list.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, the writing alone makes me want to shove the books into every canlit fans hands.

What to read next: The rest of Deptford Trilogy

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  1. Davies is a brilliant writer. I like his earlier books more than his later stuff. A Canadian icon for sure.