Friday, April 18

Book Review: Miranda's Vines

Title: Miranda's Vines

Author: Kimberly Kafka

Pages: 258

Summary: Miranda Perry has risen to the top of San Francisco's competitive culinary word, and investors are willing to help her launce her own restaurants, but her life suddenly takes a different turn when she learns her grandfather has died, leaving the family vineyard to her. Returning to Oregon, she is soon joined by her lifelong friend Briddie, who has suffered a debilitating injury. By returning to their roots, booth woman find unforeseen healing and hope, while helping each other through the challenges of accepting fate.

My Rating: 5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was one of those books where I didn't like or dislike it. It's not a bad read, but not a good read either.

The main issue I had with this book was Miranda. I just didn't connect to her has a character and found her to be unrealistic and lacking in development. She was a character that constantly interfered with the story, she forced her way in to make changes, rather than naturally let the story be told. There were many times the story felt it was told, to fit around her, rather than the other way around. I also found the whole reason why she ends up in the situation she's in, to be muddled. It felt like pieces of the story were missing, to come to certain decisions. Not a lot of lead up or back story to it, although it was hinted about her personal reasons, it wasn't explored properly. She just made decisions - life changing decisions, and I just didn't like how it came together.

Most of the other characters were also not completely constructed. While there was an excellent potential for a complementary secondary cast of characters, they also just didn't come together properly for me. Birdie's story was interesting, but it lacked the emotional connection to the reader, I didn't exactly like the ending, as I felt it was rushed. Had it been more developed and explored, it would have excellent ending, but like with the entire story, something was constantly lacking in it to give it that extra push.

The story had promise and there were parts that interested me, but in the end it fell short of my expectations.

Would I recommend it to read: I'm not sure on this one. Some readers would enjoy it, but I think that the progression of the develop hurt the book to much for me to recommend it.

What to read next: Blackberry Wine (or any book by Joanne Harris really), Under the Tuscan Sun

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