Monday, March 31

Book Review: Tide Road

Title: Tide Road

Author: Valerie Compton

Pages: EBook 167

Summary: When Stella disappears, leaving her toddler and husband behind, her mother Sonia, a widowed farm wife and former lighthouse keeper, struggles to face the possibility that her daughter may not have slipped through the ice. She may have been pushed. In a intensely memorable narrative with the deceptive pull of an undertow, Sonia’s past, a flotsam of lost dreams, bruised hopes, buried love, wells up to meet her. Confronted with her own history of choices and failures, Sonia is compelled to revise her perception of her daughter’s life and dramatically change the way she lives her own. Compton is a deft draughtsman of character, whose powers of description, timing, and astounding revelation coalesce into a splendidly nuanced account of the unguessed-at legacies of a life shaped by choices.

My Rating: 7/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I enjoyed the book, not as much as I thought, but I think other external reasons also affected how I felt about the book. I do think the author did a great job at writing the story, bringing in the setting to life, as well as writing a cast of very flawed, troubled characters. They were realistic, and raw and although I couldn't say I had a favourite character but, I did appreciate just how well written they were.

I think the one of the main reasons why I didn't enjoy this book more, was I felt disconnected from the characters. I think this is a book where you need to feel close to the characters to really get under their skin. There were times I was able to do this, but for the most part, I just felt at a distance. Which is part of the story, I think the characters are all a bit disconnected from themselves in a way, but I just felt I need something to keep me more connected to them.

I did like the ending, it is a bit uncertain, but it worked well with the theme and feel of the book. I think the author tied enough up to satisfy the reader, but left a lot unsaid, a lot of uncertainty for what might happen next for the characters and I think that this aspect was one of the best parts of the book.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, even though the book didn't capture me as much as had hoped, it was a well told and well done story. And I know there are a few readers out there, who would love this book, and find it to be a great read. Overall it was a good read, excellent writing, and a book I will re-read again, as I think it's a book that you can appreciate more, after a second or third reading.

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