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Book Review: Lilac Bus

Title: Lilac Bus

Author: Maeve Binchy

Pages: EBook 149

Summary: Each Friday, Tom Fitzgerald drives the same people home from Dublin to spend the weekend in Rathdoon. Nancy, Dee, Kev and Celia - each has their own secret story, unknown to their fellow passengers. And of course Tom himself has his own reasons for returning home so regularly...

Once again, Maeve Binchy has conjured up a cast of very human characters with real joys and real sadnesses, portrayed with her trademark wit, compassion and warmth.

My Rating: 7.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was an enjoyable short story collection from the author, it may not have been the strongest book by the author, but it is filled with her lovely storytelling and quirky characters.

I didn't like the narratives for both Nancy and Dee, which being the first two for the book, made me a little worried if the others would be the same for me, as I couldn't connect to the characters in the beginning, and I didn't like neither Nancy or Dee's story. Although I did like how the author put small glimpses of both of the two characters in other stories. The other narratives were far better than the first two, one or two also didn't appeal to me, but even those seemed to be better written and told through the characters eyes. Rupert, Cecilia and Tom's were the strongest pieces to the story, especially Tom, who I think was a very well written character, and did a good job at tying the collection together.

All of the stories in this collection give the reader a short glimpse at the lives of each of the people riding the bus, and a few dark secrets, but that's all it is. There is a little development for the characters, but a lot is left unsaid and the endings of each story are a bit abrupt. Normally I don't like this in a short story collection but, for this particular one, and the main story that links them all together - a group of bus riders commuting home for the weekend, I think it works perfectly. Enough is told to keep the story going and how each one ends is fitting for that character.

Overall it was a good read. Not my favourite of the author, but it's a great choice of read to curl up with on a cold day.

Would I recommend it to read: It wouldn't be my first choice of book to read by the author, but I would recommend it.

What to read next: I'd read one of the authors other books.

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