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Book Review: Good Morning, Midnight

Title: Good Morning, Midnight

Author: Jean Rhys

Pages: 159

Summary: In 1930s Paris, where one cheap hotel room is very like another, a young woman is teaching herself indifference. She has escaped personal tragedy and has come to France to find courage and seek independence. She tells herself to expect nothing, especially not kindness, least of all from men. Tomorrow, she resolves, she will dye her hair blonde.

My Rating: 7.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: The book started off strong for me, I was immediately pulled in by the writing and although near the end the book began to lose me, I still found the book to be an enjoyable read.

The writing was beautiful and complex, as was the narrative and I was pulled in immediately because of this. The book deals with depression but it's very different than a lot of other books I've read, but it does show the affects depression has on a person, and the author showed what depression can do to a person through the characters actions and thought process wonderfully.

The first half of the book captured me completely, but the second half seemed off, or it was missing something to connect everything and keep me as interested as I was in the beginning. The last bit of the book felt muddled, or at least, more muddled than the rest of the story. While the whole story was written like this, which I think helps reflect the mindset of the narrator, the latter half didn't do as good as a job keeping me invested as the rest of the book. The whole book does a good job at getting into the narrator's head, her emotions, and with the exception of the last little bit, it was a great read.

Would I recommend it to read: I would. The book isn't for everyone, the writing style and stream of conscious narrative is something I know a lot of readers would be turned off. But I was an enjoyable read, well written and I know there are a lot of readers who would enjoy the book.

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