Saturday, February 1

Brief and Quick Update

I just wanted to update you all, because I've been absent from the book world for a while now. I'm in good health and family is okay, so it's nothing serious but my computer recently died on me. After recovery attempts it wasn't looking good, so I bought a new computer and now I'm trying to recover "my stuff". Which at the moment and according to my computer guy, it's not looking good. I'm still hopeful something might come out of it.

I have had some reading done, but I've lost some of my personal stat sheets, my tracking for my challenges and no is the painful task to get it all back. Unless my computer guy becomes extra magical and I get my stuff back. I'll try to post some reviews soon, I did get a couple good books this month, and some not so good ones too, but it will be a slow, slow process.

Hope to be back soon! Real soon!


  1. I'm glad you and your family are ok, but sometimes loosing a computer is like loosing a friend - a friend with all the answers!

  2. That's too bad about your computer. I hope you computer guy can work some magic!

  3. That's frustrating: I hope you're pleasantly surprised and find more of it is retrievable than expected. There are obvious benefits to working on your own device with such things, but when something like this happens, one starts thinking about all the advantages of working with Google docs so you just know your stuff is always online and waiting for your return. Good luck. :/