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Book Review: The Unfinished Child

Title: Unfinished Child

Author: Theresa Shea

Pages: 317

Summary: When Marie MacPherson, a mother of two, finds herself unexpectedly pregnant at thirty-nine, she feels guilty. Her best friend, Elizabeth, has never been able to conceive, despite years of fertility treatments. Marie's dilemma is further complicated when she becomes convinced something is wrong with her baby. She then enters the world of genetic testing and is entirely unprepared for the decision that lies ahead.

Intertwined throughout the novel is the story of Margaret, who gave birth to a daughter with Down Syndrome in 1947, when such infants were defined as "unfinished" children. As the novel shifts back and forth through the decades, the lives of the three women converge, and the story speeds to an unexpected conclusion.

My Rating: 5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I enjoyed aspects of the book, but at times I found it a struggle to push through. Overall, it was well written, but in the end it just wasn't the book for me.

I enjoyed aspects of the book, and it was definitely well written. I think the author addressed a lot of important topics and issues, and handed them wonderfully. The author did a fantastic job at showing the struggles the characters had to go through to make certain decision and managed to write in controversial topics quite well. My main issue was that I because there was three major topics, addressing women and conception, they all over shadowed the each other. It felt like each piece of the story was sacrificed for the other and in the end, I only got part of the story. I also found that there were too many moments where the story dragged, I often found that I was bored with the story and wanted it to move forward.

One of the strongest aspects of the book was how the author wrote about Down's Syndrome during the 1940s. It was heartbreaking, raw and very in your face, which I appreciated. I think it was the best quality of the book on how the author wove this into the story, and just how she ensured she brought the circumstance and conditions that happened then to light.

I also had trouble with the characters in this one, for some of the characters, it was trying to connect to them, for others, I didn't mesh with the characters personality. Again, it's a case where I'm fairly conflicted when it comes to the characters and I'm on the fence on where exactly I stand with them.

Would I recommend it to read: I'm undecided on this one. Some readers would love the book, but I'm not sure it would be high on my list of books I'd recommend.

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  1. I have this one in my stack and am looking forward to reading it. Too bad you didn't connect with the characters: that can definitely make or break a reading match.