Tuesday, February 25

Book Review: As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories

Title: As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories

Author: Alistair Macleod

Pages: 174

Summary: The superbly crafted stories collected in Alistair MacLeod’s As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories depict men and women acting out their “own peculiar mortality” against the haunting landscape of Cape Breton Island. In a voice at once elegiac and life-affirming, MacLeod describes a vital present inhabited by the unquiet spirits of a Highland past, invoking memory and myth to celebrate the continuity of the generations even in the midst of unremitting change.

The Closing Down of Summer
Winter Dog
To Every Thing There is a Season
Second Spring
The Turning of Perfection
As Birds Bring Forth the Sun

My Rating: 9/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was a fantastic collection of short stories, that pulled me in from the start, and had me wanting to read it through in a sitting.

The first short story in this collection, The Closing Down of Summer, completely gripped me and pulled me in. In fact, most of the stories in this story had me engrossed into the collection of stories. There were many times, where I was completely lost in the stories.

The writing alone was good enough to make this collection be a great one, combined with some excellent short stories, this one became a fantastic one. The author has an exceptional style of writing, that pulls you into the individual stories and brings to life both the characters in plot. Winter Dog, may not have been my favourite one, but it did make me savour the book, and bring up a stir of emotions While, there were some stories I didn't enjoy as much, overall the collection was one well worth reading.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, this was an excellent collection of short stories. It's a good choice if you want to try out the author.

What to read next: I'd read more by the author, Lift Lighting, is also a good choice. If you enjoy short stories, Alice Munro is always a great choice.

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  1. I love Alistair MacLeod. His other short story collection, Lost Salt Gift of Blood is also wonderful. I'm not familiar with Lift Lighting. Might you be confusing his son's book, Light Lifting (Alexander MacLeod)? It is wonderful, and definitely worthy of recommendations!

    1. I was recommending both authors and their respective books in one line. :)

  2. I think his writing is beautiful-- depressing as hell sometimes, but beautifully so.

    1. Very beautiful, he makes me want to pick up the next book instantly sometimes. He's an exceptional author and might become a must read everything author.