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Book Review: The Perils of Morning Coffee

Title: The Perils of Morning Coffee

Author: Alexander McCall Smith

Pages: EBook 53

Summary: In this Isabel Dalhousie original short story, available exclusively in electronic format, our intrepid heroine - accused by a distraught wife of being the "other woman" - makes a surprising discovery as she attempts to defend her reputation. Summer in Edinburgh is a season of delicate sunshine and showers, picnics with loved ones in blossoming gardens, and genteel celebrations of art and music. But Isabel Dalhousie's peaceful idyll is broken when a single meeting over coffee with fellow philosopher Dr. George McLeod brings an irate phone call from his wife, Roz, who implacably accuses Isabel of conducting an affair with her husband.

Wounded by the injustice of Roz's wild allegation and concerned both for her standing among the gossipy group of her scholarly peers and for Roz's apparent state of hysteria, Isabel sets out to discover more about the McLeods, and to set the record straight before the bitterness in their marriage poisons her own reputation. For insight into the McLeods' relationship she turns to Millie, who is both an old acquaintance of Isabel's and a university colleague of George's.

My Rating: 6.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I found the book to be a quirky, enjoyable read. While it had its moments, I also found that I felt a little detached from the plot and characters. I think this was due to the fact that it's a short story, which is part of a larger series, which I haven't read yet.

Isabel was a very original character. She's odd, but in a good, fun way, and I did enjoy reading about her. The plot was okay, but somewhat unoriginal and predictable in how it played out and how it ended. It was underwhelming for me and as mysteries go, it didn't play out to well.

I admit, this one probably wasn't the best book to choice to start off with the author. The quality of writing was well done, the plot was well developed, as where it's characters, but I didn't love the story. I think I would have enjoyed this one a lot more had I have read the first part of the Sunday Philosophy Club/Isabel Dalhousie mysteries. Then I'd have a better foundation on the characterizations, connections and background to the overall story of the series, and perhaps this one would have fitted in better for me.

I did like the book and writing enough that I do plan on checking out authors other books, I'm thinking the 44 Scotland Street series might be an interesting read. The book was a good book, a great choice for a coffee shop read, but not one I can really say wowed me.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, but I think it would be best to read some of the books from the series first.

What to read next: More books by the author, I'm eyeing up 44 Scotland Street

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