Sunday, December 8

November Wrap-Up!

Another month come and gone, and now there are about 21 days or so left of the year. Yikes! November was a good month for reading, especially considering it's crunch time for everything else. Shopping, social gathers, food, or food and December will be the same. It looks like I'll complete some of my reading goals and challenges, others not so much, but as of right now, the year hasn't been bad reading wise. November was a good month, December should be too!

The Books

This month for book was mixed. I read good chunk of books, but there were a few that didn't click with me. I gave up on three books, which I rarely do. Although I may go back to one of the three. The first two were from my personal reading challenge I have been doing alongside reading books from the Giller longlist for 2013; Rupert's Land and A Tale of Time Being. Rupert's Land I couldn't get into and tried to restart it a few times but just couldn't do it. A Tale of Time Being was becoming irksome to read. The third book was October 1970, I may try picking the book again at some point, but it was also a case where I just wasn't connecting to the book. I rarely stop reading books, but since I do have a lot of books I want to read this year, and it's so close to being finished, I stopped some of the book.

For the books I finished, my favourite was The Lion Seeker, which surprised me. I didn't think I'd like the book as much as I did. In the Land of the Birdfishes was a close second. Both books are well worth reading, and I think that the later has been underestimated, so it deserves a big go out and read it shout out! My least favourite was The Female Quixote. It took me about 3 months trying to finish that book, I finally just sat myself done and finished it. I was so far into it, that giving up on it was not an option. Also, it's easier to give up on a library book, than one you bought.

1. Under Budapest - Ailsa Kay - 5/10
2. The Crooked Maid - Dan Vyleta - 8.5/10
3. Emancipation Day - Wayne Grady - 8.5/10
4. The Lion Seeker - Kenneth Bonert - 9.25/10
5. How To Get Along With Women - Elizabeth de Mariaffi - 6.75/10
6. In The Land of the Birdfishes - Rebecca Silver Slayter - 8.75/10
7. Fair Exchange - Michèle Roberts - 7/10
9. Choke Collar: Positron Episode 2 - Margaret Atwood - 8/10
10. Erase Me: Positron Episode 3: Margaret Atwood - 8/10
10. The Female Quixote - Charlotte Lennox - 4/10
11. Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris - 7.25/10
12. Changing Heaven - Jane Urquhart - 6/10

The Challenges

Okay, so finishing the category challenge isn't happening. And unless I read a lot in the week I have off because my office building is closed during that time, I doubt I'll finish the mount TBR Challenge either. And the series challenge is
looking doubtful too. So I'm setting individual goals for all three, I know I won't complete them but I can complete certain pieces from them. The other challenges I will be able to complete, but I will be reading a lot of similar type books, so it will be interesting. For the series challenge I plan of reading one more books, so I will have finished two of the four series. Mount TBR if I can read between 55-65 books off the list I will be very happy. And as for the 2013 category challenge, if I can finish 5/8 remaining categories I will be happy. I already knew I won't finish the one category, and the two remaining are possible, but doubtful I'll finish them. Still, I did good with that one. One of these year's I'll finish the category challenge.

Current Challenges

2013 Category Challenge - 97/131 - 74%
Alphabet Challenge 2013 - 46/52 - 88%
Finish That Series Challenge 2013 - 1/4 (Series), 2/7 (Books) - 25%
Ireland Reading Challenge 2013 - 6/10 - 60%
Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge - 8/12 - 66%
Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013 - 49/75 - 65%
Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge 2013 - 4/5 - 80%

Countries Visited
This month during my reading adventures, I managed to stop by and visit; Austria, Canada, England, Hungry, South Africa, USA.

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Books That Followed Me Home

Barney's Version - Mordecai Richler
The Street - Mordecai Richler
Jules Verne - Four Novels - Jules Verne


Nights of Rain and Stars - Maeve Binchy
Pilgrimage - Diana Davidson
The Collector - John Fowles
You Had Me at Hello - Mhairi McFarlane
The Goldfish Dancer - Patricia Robertson
Midrealm - Realm Keepers: Book One - Garret Robinson; Z. C. Bolger
The Perils of Morning Coffee - An Isabel Dalhousie eBook Original Story - Alexnder McCall Smith
The Quiet Twin - Dan Vyleta
Here is Where We Disembark - Clea Roberts
The Penguin Book of First World War Stories


  1. I didn't really do any reading challenges this year. I should do a couple just to get out of my comfort zone a bit in 2014, but we will see...

    1. I like reading challenges and I always do a lot of them, but I do find that with a lot of them, it's harder to get out of your comfort zone, than just looking for boos that are out of your comfort zones. Some times those challenges make me feel locked in or I push certain ones the back burner.