Monday, December 30

Book Review: End of Days

Title: End of Days

Author: Max Turner

Pages: 318

Summary: The End of Days is Coming . . .

Zachariah Thompson has spent the past year getting used to the idea that his best friend, Charlie, and the lovely Luna are now vampires just like him. As they all learn to cope with this strange new state of affairs brings, a mysterious creature appears. Likened to the Beast of the Apocalypse, it begins to dismantle the network of support around Zack, who discovers he is more than just an orphaned vampire - he is a subject of an ancient prophecy that relates to the End of Days. As friends and enemies, old and new, throw his world into chaos, Zack is forced to re-examine what it means to be good at a time when it seems only the strong and the ruthless survive.

My Rating: 7.25/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: An enjoyable addition to the series and the vampire book world. For a young adult novel, I did find it to be a fun read.

The book picks up not long after where the first one has left off, judging by the ending, the third book will be the same. In fact, the third book looks to be something to watch out for. There was bits and pieces throughout this book that gave enough information to carry the story forward and set up for an exciting read for the next book. This book may not have been as action packed, but it was balanced enough in the action/adventure and revealing enough important plot factors. I was guessing at a few things here and there and without getting into spoilers, I was surprised in how a few aspects of the plot ended.

I also enjoy the interpretation of vampires in this series. While some aspects are very similar to the traditional views of vampires, the author has added his own twist to the vampire culture. I also like how the author reveals it to the reader, as the vampire experience is new to both the reader and the main characters. I find it is revealed in a more natural way rather than just the facts being regurgitated to the reader.

My biggest issue with the book is the same one I have with most books, and it's the fact that it's a book meant for young adults. I find that the quirks meant for young adults, the young adult voice and narrative and the young adult aspects are factors that bother me a lot throughout the book. I enjoy the story and some of its characters, but that I don't always enjoy the story as a whole, because I don't quite connect to it on the same level as I would as a book directed to my own audience level.

Overall a good installment to the series and had I been a good fifteen years younger, I think this would be a book I would have inhaled in a single sitting.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, especially to fans of YA fiction and urban fantasy.

What to read next: The third book, New Order, comes out next year, so definitely read that one.

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