Sunday, December 22

Book Review: The Empty Room

Title: The Empty Room

Author: Lauren B. Davis

Pages: 312

Summary: Colleen Kerrigan wakes up sick and bruised, with no clear memory of the night before. It's Monday morning, and she is late for work again. She's shocked to see the near-empty vodka bottle on her kitchen counter. It was full at noon yesterday; surely she didn't drink that much last night? As she struggles out the door, she fights the urge to have a sip, just to take the edge off. But no, she's not going to drink today.

But this is the day Colleen's demons come for her. A very bad day spirals into night as a series of flashbacks take the reader through Colleen's past—moments of friendship and loss, fragments of peace and possibility. The single constant is the bottle, always close by, Colleen's worst enemy and her only friend.

My Rating: 9/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Another well written, complex story and yet another book hard to put down. This book was an excellent read showing a very dark but realistic day in the characters life, as she struggles with alcoholism. Colleen was a character who you felt for. I wanted her to realize what was happening around her, and her struggles are somewhat heart wrenching at times, because she's in such denial - but how the author wrote the character was flawless. Colleen character was very realistic and believable and I think the progress of her story was very natural rather than it being forced. Especially in the end, I think the author did a fantastic job developing Colleen to the point in the end, it worked out well. The ending was good, a little open ended, but with the type of character Colleen was and her struggles with alcoholism, it's a very fitting ending, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I liked how the author only focused one day of Colleen's life, while we never got to see the build up to this day, I think if it was a longer period of time the story would become repetitive and boring, I don't think I'd have had the same connection to Colleen as I did with just one day. As the author did a fantastic job at showing just how much Colleen struggled to get through one single day of her life as an alcoholic. I think the author managed to show through the one single day, just what struggles Colleen goes through every day of her life, and this one day just wasn't a bad day, as all her days are like this. I also liked some of the flashbacks Colleen had, but I think this part of the book was also the weakest part of the book. It helped show how Colleen got to this point, but I also felt certain flashbacks didn't give the effect the should have. Overall, another great read by the author.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, it's was an excellent read.

What to read next: Our Daily Bread which is also written by the author, completely different books, but the author is one who is well worth cheeking out the other books.

Challenges: 2013 Category Challenge, 7th Annual Canadian Book Challenge, Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge

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  1. I liked her Our Daily Bread a lot, and am looking forward to this one. (I also read On South Mountain, the true life account that Our Daily Bread was based on. Horrific.)