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Book Review: All Together Dead

Title: All Together Dead

Author: Charlaine Harris

Pages: EBook 246

Summary: Betrayed by her longtime vampire love, Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse must now not only deal with a possible new man in her life—the oh-so-handsome shapeshifter Quinn—but also contend with a long-planned vampire summit. With her power base weakened by hurricane damage to New Orleans, the local vampire queen is vulnerable to those hungry for a takeover. Soon, Sookie must decide what side she'll stand with. And her choice may mean the difference between survival and all-out catastrophe.

My Rating: 6.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I think this was my least favourite of the series so far. It's possible I've read them to close together, and that I'm becoming a little detached and perhaps bored with the narrative, as they are all so similar. But this book just didn't connect as well as the others have.

I don't think it was lack of action, even though not a lot of "action" happens until near the end, but the story itself just wasn't as good as it has been in the previous books. More information about the complex vampire world is revealed, but it felt off to how it was executed. Some good twists here and there, but overall, I wasn't impressed with the story. I also don't like Quinn that much, and that could also be why I didn't like this story as much as the others. He's not a good character, and I think he lacks depth and chemistry with Sookie. I feel their relationship feel forced to push the story forward, rather than it happen naturally.

The end was good, but rushed, I felt that how certain parts near the end were solved and revealed rushed - and needed to have more depth to it to have a stronger effect on both the reader and the characters. Overall it wasn't my favourite of the series, and for the first time I don't have that I must read the next book right away feeling.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, I may not have liked this one as much as the others, but it's still essential to read if you want to read the whole series.

What to read next: Women of the Otherworld series, the rest of this series.

Challenges: Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge

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