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Book Review: How to Get Along With Women

Title: How to Get Along With Women

Author: Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Pages: EBook 138

Summary: A sharply original debut collection, How To Get Along With Women showcases Elisabeth de Mariaffi''s keen eye and inventive voice. Infused with a close and present danger, these stories tighten the knot around power, identity, and sexuality, and draw the reader into the pivotal moments where - for better or for worse - we see ourselves for what we truly are.

Dancing on the Tether
Kiss Me Like I'm the Last Man on Earth
Accidental Ponds
Field Work
He Ate His French Fries in a Light-Hearted Way
Ajaccio Belonged to the Genoese
Everything Under Your Feet
Super Carniceria
Jim and Nadiene, Nadiene and Jim
The Astonishing Ambercrombiel
How to Get Along With Women
You Know How I Feel

My Rating: 6.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: While a couple of the short stories stood out for me, I found that for the most part I was underwhelmed by the collection, it wasn't bad, but it didn't give me the feeling to keep reading either.

The writing was excellent. I may not have liked the content of the stories, or how the narrative was told, but the writing itself was what kept me reading, even during the stories I just couldn't get into. One story that stood out the most for me was Field Work it was very odd, but it was also one I found fascinating. It was definitely the one that I remember the most, and it was the most original of the collection. Another story I enjoyed a lot was Everything Under Your Feet, which was one I devoured, there was something about it that had me wanting to inhale that individual story, and I think that one was the one that had the characters fleshed out the best.

Most of the other stories in the collection didn't connect to me, some did have merits to them, but they weren't exactly ones I could say I liked but they weren't exactly ones I could say I liked or enjoyed. Many of them didn't stick with me after I finished them and I found that they weren't very distinctive. Dancing on the Tether for example, wasn't a bad story, but it was one I felt I've read before. Overall, not a bad collection of short stories, the quality of writing was good, so I'll likely check out he author again, but the content of the stories didn't work out for me in the end.

Would I recommend it to read: It wouldn't be high on my list, but I do think some readers would enjoy the collection.

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Challenges: 2013 Category Challenge, 7th Annual Canadian Book Challenge

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