Sunday, October 13

Pin it and Do it Challenge

I've seen this posted a few times and I've always meant to join in and give it a try, as I have hundreds of pins I wanted to try - mainly when it comes to cooking. Many of you know I have a passion for books, but I also love to cook. I don't get to do it as much as I like, but I love it - and most of the time the end result is rather tasty!

Since this weekend is Thanksgiving I volunteered to make the pies, only I decided to try something a little different. My inspiration was this Original Pin. There was no recipe attached, but there was one on the pumpkin pie filling can. But, I did get the inspiration from the above pin.

Originally my plan was to make the crust from scratch, like it was shown in the pin. But after a hectic week at work, and the possibility of two Thanksgiving dinners, I decided to go with un-cooked store bought freezer kind. Close enough. I also made mini Lemon Meringue and chocolate pudding pies.

Ingredients included:

- Pumpkin Pie Filling - I used E.D. Smith and followed the recipe there (added an egg and 1/3 cup of evaporated milk.
- Mini Pie Curst - I had 48 in total (one can of pumpkin pie filling filled 16 mini cups.
- Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Ginger for the pumpkin pie, but I forgot to add the ginger. I added about a tea spoon or so of both the Nutmeg and Cinnamon into the pumpkin mix as I was mixing it.
- For the chocolate pudding mini pies, and the Lemon Meringue, I followed the instructions on the box. For the Lemon Meringue you will need 3 eggs.

So here's my cooking process for the pie. It was fairly simple to make and took no time. Had I made my own crust it would have taken a lot longer. Also note, I drank a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks during the cooking process, it was for .... er inspiration and uhm, to keep me cooking.

And here is the finished product! I did get to try one, as when I packed them up, along with the Lemon Meringue I had three mini pies left over, so I got to try one in advance. They are pretty tasty! I plan on adding whipped cream too, but I plan on doing that at the actual dinner. And on an sort-of unrelated note - cooking pumpkin pie makes the house smell awesome! My partner said he doesn't like pumpkin pie love the smell - it s and one of the kids also love the smell so much she tried wanted to try one. 

The Making and final product of the chocolate pudding pies. I'm not sure how well they turned out. I'm not a fan of pudding, but the kids seemed to enjoy them. I made 16 mini pies, but there was enough mixture n the pot for at least another 8 - 10.

And below, is the making of the Lemon Meringue. The hardest part is to make sure the lemon part doesn't get to lumpy. Again, I filled 16 mini pie shells. But I think it could have filled close to 24. The meringue part was just enough for 16 mini pie shells. I did fill a 9 inch pie shell, part way up, but the lemon went lumpy. I'll bring it any ways and get some expert advice on the other pie makers. But they look good!

And there goes my first attempt at a Pin It and Do It Challenge. I have made things I've seen on Pinterest before this, just never did it in a "challenge" before.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians and Happy Weekend to everyone else.



  1. The mini pies look completely adorable!!

    1. They tasted pretty good too!

  2. Seriously awesome!!! I love the idea of everyone getting their own little mini pie and would have never thought of this. Glad you joined the challenge and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It worked out well, and they keep better than a big pie, so good for seconds later in the night or next day.