Sunday, September 29

Book Review: Missing

Title: Missing

Author: Frances Itani

Pages: EBook 44

Summary: Twelve-year-old Luc Caron sees two German planes shoot down a British plane in the skies over his village in northern France during WWI. He watches in horror as the pilot falls to his death. Luc carries the burden of being the only witness to the scene for years to come. The Greenwoods live in Canada. Their son, a pilot, has been missing for 11 years. In 1928, they receive a package from England containing a letter and three objects found at the site of the plane crash. How is the mystery of the missing pilot solved, bringing peace to Luc and to the pilots parents? Missing is based on a true story.

My Rating: 6.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I enjoyed this one. It was a nice, quick little read, and the plot was well done.

I'm unsure at the audience level of the book. It feels like it's a young adult book, perhaps a juvenile fiction - by the way it was written and how it comes off to the reader. But, I'm unsure if it's the target audience. The content itself is mild enough for the audience - but it felt off, because I couldn't figure the audience level. I didn't exactly like the narrative - as I found it to be simple, and I wanted something more in-depth, but it did a good enough job telling the story. I did enjoy the story, considering it was a novella, it was very well done. I just wish the narrative itself was different - I think the narrative prevented me from having a more emotional bound with the book. Because, there was a powerful story there, I was just distracted by the narrative.

Overall, not a bad read.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, it was a quick little read, the narrative set aside, it's worth reading.

What to read next: I'm not sure on that one. This one had a WWI theme, so more WWI books would be a good start.

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