Saturday, September 7

August Wrap-Up!

It's hard to believe summer is over and that there is only four months left in the year - only about 120 reading days left! (Probably less now) Yikes! August wasn't a bad reading month, although my goal to cut down my TBR list has been a bit, er detoured, because of the books that followed me home, I did read a couple of books that I had on Mount TBR for a while. I also had a semi-theme going on. Richard Castle. (I attend Fan Expo, a convention, like comic-con, where I had hoped to meet Nathan Fillion and get him to sign one of my Castle books, but I never got a chance to meet him). Either way, I'd recommend the books, they were fun reads. Back to the reading, challenge wise I know some I won't finish, but I don't care as much as I have in the past. I have a few challenges I know I'll finish and a handful of books I plan on reading before the year is done. I'm pretty sure I'll have my reading goal of 131 books read by December, otherwise, I'm enjoying (for the most part) the books I'm reading.

The Books
This month was an okay month for me. Most of the books were just average for me, a couple of them weren't my cup of tea, but there were one or two, that were incredible. My favourite book this month was The Diviners by Margaret Laurence, followed by Alice Munro's Open Secrets. My least favourite was Moebius Squared. I do have (at least I hope) a handful of books I hope to read in the upcoming months that will likely be fantastic reads, but I would like to have that feeling of "I Just read an awesome book" like I did with The Diviner, rather than, it was an okay read but that's all I can say about it.

1. Open Secrets - Alice Munro - 9/10
2. The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton - 8.5/10
4. A Wind in the Door - Madeleine L'Engle - 4.5/10
5. Under the Sun - Justin Kerr-Smiley - 7/10
6. Moebius Squared - Jo Graham and Melissa Scott - 3/10
6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gailman - 4.5/10
7. The Kissing Man - George Elliott - 7.5/10
8. A Brewing Storm - Richard Castle - 7.5/10
9. A Raging Storm - Richard Castle - 7.75/10
10. A Bloody Storm - Richard Castle - 7/10
11. Baking Cakes in Kigali - Gaile Parkin - 6.5/10
12. The Diviners - Margaret Laurence - 10/10

The Challenges
By this point, I think it is safe to say my 2013 Category challenge is one I probably won't finish. Actually, I'll be surprised if I do finish this one. I think I may give up one of the categories, (Wheel of Time) which would open up space and time for the other categories - but I do want to finish that series, sadly I need to re-read the first six books to do that. Luckily for some of the other challenges, I know they'll be finished, some very soon. The New Author Challenge for example will be finished the end of September, and there are about four other challenges that I will have finished by the end of September or October, depending on m reading moods. I think the only other challenge I foresee any major issues with completing is the finish that series challenge - but the next two months may prove me wrong.

100 Books in 2013 Challenge - 85/100 -85%
2013 Category Challenge - 73/131 - 55%
7th Annual Canada Book Challenge - 7/13 - 54%
777 Challenge - 5/7 - 71%
Alphabet Challenge 2013 - 37/52 - 71%
E-Book Challenge 2013 -38/50 - 76%
Finish That Series Challenge 2013 - 1/4 (Series), 2/7 (Books) - 25%
Ireland Reading Challenge 2013 - 5/10 - 50%
Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge - 5/12 - 42%
Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2013 - 38/75 - 51%
New Author Challenge 2013 - 48/50 - 96%
Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge 2013 - 3/5 - 60%
50 Book Pledge -85/100 -85%

Countries Visited
This month my reading travels, I managed to pop by to; Canada, USA, Australia, England, Rwanda, Russia, Egypt and an unnamed island in the South Pacific

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Books That Followed Me Home
This month was close to being a completely Canadian book month. Save for the Castle books. I am really trying to branch out my Canadian literature and author reads. Sadly, because of this, my TBR list has grown to an endless amount of books. I also tried to fill in the gaps on my library shelves for some books, I mean, I can't have two of the three books in the MaddAddam trilogy, even if I've already read Oryx and Crake, it wouldn't be right for it to be the only one in the trilogy not to have a spot on the shelves!

Life Before Man - Margaret Atwood
Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood
The Time in Between - David Bergen
A Brewing Storm - EBook - Richard Castle
A Raging Storm - EBook - Richard Castle
A Bloody Storm - EBook - Richard Castle
Storm Front - Richard Castle
The Butterfly Plague - Timothy Findley
Coppermine - Keith Ross Leckie
As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories - Alistair MacLeod
Consumption - Kevin Patterson Irish Country Christmas - Patrick Taylor
Contemporary Canadian Women's Short Stories - Edited/Compiled by Lisa Moore


  1. Some really great books have followed you home this month! Are you planning to re-read the first two Atwood novels before reading the third? I think I enjoyed the third far more than I would have if I'd just jumped in with the 3rd after so long.

    That's too bad you couldn't get your Castle books signed. Boo. But I bet the event was fun anyway. Every year I want to go, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I know what you mean about the finishing the series phenomenon; it's especially hard when you have to go back and re-read (even when the books are NOT as long as Jordan's books are). I didn't officially join anything for that, but I have a personal goal of reading 2 "later" books each month, and I'm definitely lagging on that.

    1. I do plan on reading the first two Atwood novels before MaddAddam. It's been far to long and I only remember pieces here and there. And who doens't need to re-read Atwood??

      It was a shame about the Castle book, I did grab a picture with him, so a sorta win. It's been fun to go to the event, not a lot of authors though, but lots of everyother fandom.

      Yeah, I have a few series on the go I want to finish up, so I can start on more. Luckily in comparison to Jordon's book they are short. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one lagging on this. But so many new books come my way.

      If you're in the Toronto area this weekend. Margaret Atwood is doing a signing at the Indigo (Manulife center) on Sunday.