Saturday, August 31

Book Review: Moebius Squared

Title: Moebius Squared

Author: Jo Graham and Melissa Scott

Pages: EBook 276

Summary: Stranded in Ancient Egypt at the end of the STARGATE SG-1 episode Moebius, Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Teal'c and Daniel Jackson are enjoying the simple lives they’ve forged in the years since Ra was driven from Earth. But life never stays simple for long… Back in the twenty-first century, trouble strikes the SGC. With one of their own people snatched by renegade Tok’ra, Colonel Cameron Mitchell leads the new SG-1 on a chase through time to rescue their friend – and to protect their future. But for Carter, Daniel and Teal'c, the greatest challenge is encountering themselves - and coming to terms with the consequences of their own choices.

My Rating: 3/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: To say this book didn't work for me would be a bit of an understatement. By the end, I was just trying to finish the book, without throwing my Kobo across from the room. Nothing felt right in the book, the characterization, plot points that should connect it to the Stargate series and even what was written in the book, didn't work.

Frustrated is the best word to use to explain how I feel about the book, perhaps disappointed as I was looking forward to having one of my favourite characters in the book, but that was a major flop. Overall it felt more like armature fan fiction, than a companion story to the TV series, and was a major disappointment.

Would I recommend it to read: I don't think I would. As far as Stargate books go, this one failed for me, and it would not be one I recommend to read, even to fans of the series.

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