Thursday, June 20

Book Review: The Turncoat

Title: The Turncoat: Renegade of the Revolution

Author: Donna Thorland

Pages: 305

Summary: They are lovers on opposite sides of a brutal war, with everything at stake and no possibility of retreat. They can trust no one—especially not each other.

Major Lord Peter Tremayne is the last man rebel bluestocking Kate Grey should fall in love with, but when the handsome British viscount commandeers her home, Kate throws caution to the wind and responds to his seduction. She is on the verge of surrender when a spy in her own household seizes the opportunity to steal the military dispatches Tremayne carries, ensuring his disgrace—and implicating Kate in high treason. Painfully awakened to the risks of war, Kate determines to put duty ahead of desire, and offers General Washington her services as an undercover agent in the City of Brotherly Love.

Months later, having narrowly escaped court martial and hanging, Tremayne returns to decadent, British-occupied Philadelphia with no stomach for his current assignment—to capture the woman he believes betrayed him. Nor does he relish the glittering entertainments being held for General Howe’s idle officers. Worse, the glamorous woman in the midst of this social whirl, the fiancĂ©e of his own dissolute cousin, is none other than Kate Grey herself. And so begins their dangerous dance, between passion and patriotism, between certain death and the promise of a brave new future together.

My Rating: 3/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: There wasn't a lot about the book that I enjoyed. While the actual historical fiction aspect throughout the book were well done and interesting enough, I found that even those were lost in the "romance" of the book. The book was suppose to be a historical fiction, but what I got was poorly executed "romance" between the characters. The romance wasn't believable and I found it to be forced, it took over the entire story, rather than compliment it. I also found that the character interactions during the romantic scenes didn't bode well with the time period.

Other plot ploys written into the book, including the "big reveal" between two characters, was pointless and didn't add anything into the story. It didn't help with the characters development and it didn't seem to flow into the plot. I didn't like the characters and found that their deployment was forced , choppy and for the most part I found them to be underdeveloped and not very believable characters. Kate for example was a character who development and changes constantly contradicted each other and her development into a spy happened to fast and in an unnatural way - it didn't work well or make sense to how she developed or the explanation why.

In the end, definitely not the book for me.

Would I recommend it to read: I would not recommend this book. I wouldn't have continued with the book, but it was for a challenge which I'm having a lot of difficulty finding books for. This wasn't a historical fiction, but a historical romance. I suppose you enjoy historical romance, it might be a worthy read.

What to read next: I'm not sure on this one, I'd say other fictional books on the time period.

Challenges: 100 Books Challenge, New Author Challenge, War Through the Generations Challenge


  1. It seems interesting book to read. I like more contemporary topics, but good historical books is nice. Greetings from Poland.

  2. Greetings! Historically it wasn't bad, but there far better books out there.