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Book Review: The Kingdom of Gods

Title: The Kingdom of Gods

Author: N.K. Jemisin

Pages: EBook 427

Summary: The incredible conclusion to the Inheritance Trilogy, from one of fantasy's most acclaimed stars. For two thousand years the Arameri family has ruled the world by enslaving the very gods that created mortal kind. Now the gods are free, and the Arameri's ruthless grip is slipping. Yet they are all that stands between peace and world-spanning, unending war.

Shahar, last scion of the family, must choose her loyalties. She yearns to trust Sieh, the godling she loves. Yet her duty as Arameri heir is to uphold the family's interests, even if that means using and destroying everyone she cares for.

As long-suppressed rage and terrible new magics consume the world, the Maelstrom -- which even gods fear -- is summoned forth. Shahar and Sieh:

mortal and god, lovers and enemies. Can they stand together against the chaos that threatens?

My Rating: 7/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I found I enjoyed this book more than the second, which didn't work well for me, so I was a little worried about this one as well. While the story and characters were definitely stronger and everything came together more efficiently in this book, but I still had a of issues with the book.

While both the characters and story were more fleshed out and developed in this book, I found that there was something missing - it was like the author just started to scratch the surface with the story and the characters then stopped. There was some development there, but nothing was ever examined deeper. There was a interesting and complex background story there but it was never fully developed out for the reader - and the characters were the same. Near the ending, it did begin to pick up, it was becoming fast paced and had the potential to be an epic read - but it failed to keep my attention, because the book always stayed on the surface of things, instead of digging deep down into the story.

Overall, it was a good book and end to the trilogy - but I found that it was just missing something to make it a truly remarkable read.

Would I recommend it to read: I probably would, the first book was still the best of the three, but this one had a good story to it - and I think a lot of fantasy readers would enjoy it.

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