Thursday, May 30

Book Review: Secrets

Title: Secrets

Author: Jo Graham and Melissa Scott

Pages: EBook 291

Summary: Old secrets, new truths…

It is the aftermath of battle. Scattered and struggling to regroup, Colonel Sheppard’s team face their darkest days yet in the war against the Wraith Queen, Death.

Continuing her perilous masquerade as Queen Steelflower, Teyla Emmagan’s friendship with Guide grows stronger. With his help she must journey into the Wraith’s distant past to uncover the shocking truth about their origin – and the key to Queen Death’s defeat.

Meanwhile, Rodney McKay has a different battle to fight as he struggles to regain his humanity in the face of the atrocity the Wraith have committed against him. With his life hanging in the balance, will Rodney be forced to do the unthinkable in order.

My Rating: 8.25/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This one picks up right where the one before it left off - which worked out, except it had been a while since I read the one before it, so there were a few times I had to go and dig for what happened to keep all the plot threads straight. Although the books are part of the series, they are pretty much meant to be read back-to-back.

This particular book of the series, was one of the better ones - a lot is revealed and the authors show some different sides to the characters. They really dug down deep and it was interesting to see a different side to certain characters - although this was hinted at in the show and the other books, it was never explored, and I enjoyed it. Ronan was one of the most well done character - his never varied from the show, although I never liked him much as a character, I do appreciate the authors making sure his character remains true to what he's suppose to be. Although, one of my main issues with the book, was the scenes with Ronan, it began to feel repetitive after a while. I also had some of my usual character and continuity issues, although this one wasn't as bad as I've had in previous books - all in all this was done fairly well.

Overall, it was another good addition to the Stargate series.

Would I recommend it to read: Again, it's a book that is meant more for fans of the series, although I'd say watch the series, so you can read the books.

What to read next: Inheritors - the final book in the Legacy series.

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