Wednesday, May 29

Book Review: Heidi

Title: Heidi

Author: Joanne Spyri

Pages: EBook 216

Summary: A Swiss orphan is heartbroken when she must leave her beloved grandfather and their happy home in the mountains to go to school and to care for an invalid girl in the city.

My Rating: 8/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I read it as a child, but have no memory of it, so I finally came back to it, and I found it to be a nice, quick sweet read.

Heidi is a fun character to read about - although she doesn't seem to realistic in how she influences others, I still enjoyed the book, and often found myself smiling at Heidi and her interactions with others. The book was a bit repetitive, but it wasn't too bad otherwise. I think most of the issues I had with the book are due to the fact it is a book meant for children, so how it reads, how the characters interact are meant for a much younger audience - although I think it is well worth reading for all ages.

The writing style was well done and it's perfect for children to read on their own, or along with their parents, it seems to have a lot to take from it, particularly from a child's point of view or, you can just read it to enjoy a nice light read.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, it was a fund sweet read. I read it as a child, and I think it would be an enjoyable read for both young and old.

What to read next: Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables any childhood book really.

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