Friday, May 31

Book Review: Fishducky's Fables

Title: Fishducky's Fables

Author: Fran Fischer

Pages:  EBook 125

Summary: This book contains every single fairy tale, legend and nursery rhyme ever written (except for the ones Fishducky didn’t include).

Join Rapunzel, the Ugly Duckling, Snow White, Chicken Little, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty & the Beast, Robin Hood and many more beloved characters in this hilarious short story collection that will have you laughing out loud.

My Rating: 5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: The book wasn't too bad, but it really wasn't cup of tea either. While there were a few stories and rhymes that made me chuckle, I found that the wasn't anything to special about any of them. Sure they were funny, and the author added an interesting twist to some of them to make them in to her own, but I found that overall, the individual stories didn't impress me much.

The writing was simple, to the point, and abrupt at times, but it worked with how the author tied her own personal twist to the stories.

Overall, it was good for a chuckle, a quick read, but not one that impressed me to much - especially compared to other satirical books in the genre.

Would I recommend it to read: It's a fast read and entertaining at times, but it wouldn't it be at the top of my list of books I'd recommend.

What to read next: I'm not sure on that one, there are a lot of books and stories taking fairytales and classics and twisting them around, so I'd say check those out.

Challenges: 100 Books Challenge, EBook Challenge, New Author Challenge

I received this book from LibraryThings Early Review program in exchanged for a book review.

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