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Book Review: The Perfect Circle

Title: The Perfect Circle

Author: Pascale Quiviger

Pages: 224

Summary: Marianne, a young Montrealer, has come to live in Tuscany to draw and write and examine her life. Here she meets Marco, a temptingly seductive man who still lives in his mother's house in the village and who's not prepared to commit himself to anything resembling a shared life. Though he breaks her heart, again and again, Marianne can only avoid him by returning to Canada. This first novel by Pascale Quiviger is marked by its luminous language and its unstinting look at what makes Marianne, and Marco, and, indeed, an entire village and the world beyond it, tick.

My Rating: 4/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Initially the writing style pulled me, but the rest of the book just fell flat, making it a book that I struggled to finish.

The main plot didn't do much for me. In fact most of time it felt like it was at a standstill and I was waiting for something to happen with it, for it to progress more or for something to happen to make that one grab and keep me interested in the book. Unfortunately, that never happened.

The characterization also didn't work for me, from the lack of development to the fact none of them had any kind of likeable characteristic, it was yet another reason the book didn't work out for me, and a book that had me slogging through it.

The writing was fairly good and it was my main reason for carrying on with the book. It doesn't hold up its own against the plot, but the writing has an almost lyrical feel to it. Some of that lyrical style is lost due to the fact the book has been translated, but it was the one thing that kept me reading the book.

It was another randomly picked book of the library shelves, and another book that didn't work for me.

Would I recommend it to read: I don't think I would. There just wasn't much there to recommend.

What to read next: To be honest I'm not sure, the closet thing I can think of, based off the movie version is Under the Tuscan Sun.

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