Wednesday, February 27

Book Review: The Broken Kingdoms

Title: The Broken Kingdoms

Author: N.K. Jemisin

Pages: EBook 313

Summary: In the city of Shadow, beneath the World Tree, alleyways shimmer with magic and godlings live hidden among mortalkind. Oree Shoth, a blind artist, takes in a homeless man who glows like a living sun to her strange sight. However, this act of kindness is to engulf Oree in a nightmarish conspiracy. Someone, somehow, is murdering godlings, leaving their desecrated bodies all over the city. Oree's peculiar guest is at the heart of it, his presence putting her in mortal danger - but is it him the killers want, or Oree? And is the earthly power of the Arameri king their ultimate goal, or have they set their sights on the Lord of Night himself?

My Rating: 3.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I didn't find this book nearly as appealing or interesting as the first book in the series and while it did start off okay for me, ended up spiraling down to a book, I was just happy to be finished with.

This isn't like the traditional books from a series I usually read - the book doesn't connect very well with the first one. It takes place in the same world, some similar characters and history and that's where it ends. Which was something I both liked and disliked. It differently threw me a bit when I first started reading, but it also added something interesting to the story. Unfortunately the plot of this one never grabbed my attention. There was very little that held my attention and made me to want to keep reading the book. I didn't find it to be an engaging plot, and felt it didn't come together as a whole.

Characterization was also a major issue for me. I didn't feel the characters developed at all. There weren't a lot of likeable qualities to them and I was never able to warm up to them, let alone connect to them. Near the end, the story started to perk up for me along with some interesting possibilities for some good character development, but at that point it was too late for me - I was just happy to see the story progress a bit.

I will read the final book in this series but, this particular book didn't work for me.

Would I recommend it to read: Eh? The first in the trilogy was good, this one wasn't. It just didn't hold its own. But if you want to read the series, than I think this one needs to be read. Also, judging by all the other readers out there, I'm in the minority of those who didn't like the book.

What to read next: Kingdom of Gods - the final book in the trilogy

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  1. I read the first one in the series and just haven't gotten around to the reading the rest.

    1. I'm hoping when I read the third book it's the same pace and quality of the first.