Sunday, January 20

Canada Reads 2013

With Canada Reads just a few weeks away, I've finally sat down to write a post about it, and of course my thoughts on who might win. This year the theme is turf wars - where they divided Canada into five regions and selected books from each of those regions. Which I liked - I'd rather have the individual books take place in the different regions, rather than the author of the book being from that place, but I think it's an interesting theme and I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out during the debates (February 11 - 14). Go to the Canada Reads website to find out all the details on how to watch and listen to the debates.

The Finalists, their regions and their defenders"

Region 1: British Columbia and the Yukon:
  • Book: Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese
  • Defender: Carol Huynh

Region 2: Parries and the North
  • Book: The Age of Hope by David Bergen
  • Defender: Ron MacLean

Region 3: Ontario
  • Book: Away by Jane Urquhart 
  • Defender: Charlotte Gray

Region 4: Quebec
  • Book: Two Solitudes by Hugh MacLennen
  • Defender: Jay Baruchel

Region 5: Atlantic Provinces
  • Book: February by Lisa Moore
  • Defender: Trent McClellan 

So there are the contenders for this years Canada Reads, an interesting collection. I haven't read any of them until they were released, and I've only read one authors (Urquhart's) work before, so I'm looking forward to see which book will me my favourite and how it does in the competition. I have a few predictions based on first impressions from the descriptions from the books, who the books defenders are and reactions on Twitter and other social media.

Who I would like to win: Before I even read any of the books, I wanted Away. Solely because I've read the author's other works, and enjoyed them.

First Impressions based on descriptions: Age of Hope I'm not entirely sure this is one I will like, but based on previous winners and those who have done well, this oen seems to have a good chance.

Defender wise: I think Rob MacLean has the best chance. He is constantly going up against Don Cherry on hockey night in Canada, so he can carry a good debate, and I think he may be a hard person to go against.

Social Media/Other Hype: Indian Horse seems to be the favourite so far this year, by a lot of people in the blogverse, twitter and what not.

I'm currently reading the books, and I've read three of them. Once I've read the other two I'll let you know which ones I think will do well and who I think will be voted off first. But I cannot wait for the debates. I'll have to avoid twitter during that week on my lunches, until I get hope and watch the debates for my self - I wonder if I\ll manage that!


  1. This seems like an interesting way to break up the nominees this year. I haven't read any of these books, but am thinking about waiting until the winner is announced and reading that one.

    1. It is an interesting way to do it, I like it, and it has me reading some books I wouldn't have picked up otherwise. The front runner for me is February, followed by Away. I've just started Two Solitudes, but no really feeling it. Indian Horse is worth reading, but not my favourite.

  2. Away is the only one I've read yet. I loved it! I think they all look like terrific choices and I'm really looking forward to the debate. I agree about Ron McLean. He's been training for this a lot of years!

    1. Yes, the debates are something I wish happened sooner. Few more weeks!