Thursday, January 31

Book Review: Between the Acts

Title: Between the Acts

Author: Virginia Woolf

Pages: EBook 183

Summary: Outwardly a novel about life in a country-house in whose grounds there is to be a pageant, "Between the Acts" is also a striking evocation of English experience in the months leading up to the Second World War. Through dialogue, humour and the passionate musings of the characters, Virginia Woolf explores how a community is formed (and scattered) over time. The pageant, a series of scenes from English history, and the private dramas that go on between the acts, are closely interlinked. Through the figure of Miss La Trobe, and author of the pageant, Virginia Woolf questions imperialist assumptions and, at the same time, re-creates the elusive role of the artist.

My Rating: 7.25/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This book had both good and some not so good qualities to it, but as always, I found myself reading on due to Woolf's writing style and writing style alone.

I loved the writing in the book - although with Virginia Woolf, how can you not love her writing. I always find I can lose myself in her style and narrative no matter what book of hers I pick up, and this one was no exception. This particular story was both good and bad. I like the main idea behind the story, the characters were well done, especially when examining their inner thoughts and emotions. Woolf managed to create a very eclectic cast of characters and managed to get a close look at some of their inner turmoil, emotions, and thought process all while coming together to the pageant - and managed to tie these characters and their development and their personal journeys, into the side story of the pageant.

Where the author lost me was the pageant. While I didn't mind reading how they created and planned for the pageant, I thought the parts about the mini little acts of the pageant to be boring. There were many times I found myself zoning out and having to go back and read those passages over again, just to find out what was happening in the story. Perhaps it's because I don't know a lot about English history and all the background information on it and how it would have affected the character, hence why they decided to re-create it as entertainment, but I just found it impossible to read through it all at times. The between the acts part of the book was well done, which's where the book gets its name. The characterization and examination of them was excellent, but the focus of that felt chopped up due to the pageant.

Overall it was a enjoyable read, but there were a lot of parts throughout the book, that made it hard to read through.

Would I recommend it to read: I would, it was a quick and pleasant read and it has Woolf's usual style.

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