Sunday, December 30

The Road Past Altamont

Title: The Road Past Altamont

Author: Gabrielle Roy

Pages: 152

Summary: 7.75/10

My Rating: In the highly acclaimed Street of Riches, Gabrielle Roy introduced the unforgettable characters of Christine and her vibrant, full-blooded family. In the Road Past Altamont, she daringly returns to the same characters and the nearly identical timespan, but by looking at her subjects with an entirely fresh vision, she created a wholly new and deeply personal story of a young girl's decision to become a writer.
The haunting and poignant tale weaves a delicate but substantial network of impressions, emotions, and human relationships. It subtle, yet powerful narrative clearly demonstrates the writing talent that made Gabrielle Roy and one of Canada's foremost authors.

My Almighty Grandfather
The Old Man and the Child
The Move
The Road Past Altamont

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was an enjoyable collection of interconnected short stories, which also links to another short story collection by the author, Street of Riches.

This may have been a quick read, but the short stories were well written, with well developed characters and plot - and some of them full of heart - like my favourite The Old Man and the Child. The author showed the friendship of the two wonderfully, the story itself was also well told, and I really enjoyed reading about the friendship the two shared, and the retelling.  The Move was also an interesting story, it wasn't my favourite, but the author did a good job at showing childhood curiosity in moving and the process, It was an interesting thing to focus on, but how the author approached the short story was interesting, and by the end, I did find it to be a good story  - especially mixed in with the collection as a whole.

Overall, it was a well written collection of short stories.

Would I recommend it to read: I would. It was good collection of short stories, and the perfect read to curl up on, on a lazy weekend.

What to read next: The Tin Flute, Street of Riches


  1. I just found an old copy of "Street of Riches" yesterday. I didn't realise this was a companion piece. I enjoyed your thoughts on it, and look forward to exploring all of Gabrielle Roy's writing this year.

    1. Looking back, I enjoyed Street of Riches more. But yes this one is a companion piece - it shares some of the characters. I also hope to explore Roy's work more. The Tin Flute in particular has caught my eye. Hope you enjoy your readings!