Saturday, December 29

Book Review: Fauna

Title: Fauna

Author: Alissa York

Pages: 373

Summary: 5/10

My Rating: One day federal wildlife officer Edal Jones is unable to handle humans smuggling rare creatures and killing most of them in the process; the next day she cannot. After watching a girl rescuing migratory birds that have knocked themselves out on the city's glass towers, Edal follows her to an auto-wrecker's yard in a wide ravine, and discovers the most unlikely sanctuary. Here, waifs and strays both human and animal comfort and healing under the wing of the handsome proprietor, Guy Howell. But Guy' sanctuary is under attack from a different kind of lost soul, one on a mission to destroy the creatures that call the valley home.

What I liked/disliked about the book: This was a book, I just couldn't get into. It was well written, but a combination of the story, the characters and pacing of the book, didn't  mix well for me.

The characters were one of the factors to why I didn't like the book, while I liked how they all came together in the book, I found that the amount of characters and concentration on their individual stories, both past and present, affected the overall story. There was to many of them and for some of them, how they connected together seemed forced. Darius was one of them, his story, just didn't fit into the main story line very well. While he did have a story to be told, one which would be an interesting read on its own, as the author did do a good job at invoking a good emotional response from me, I it didn't fit well with the story as a whole. The issues I had with the plot there were some good plot devices there, such as the sanctuary in the junk yard, but I felt that the multiple plot devices the book had, didn't join together smoothly, and at times I found it made for a choppy reads. Especially considering the book often bounced from past to present.

Overall, the book wasn't the book for me.

Would I recommend it to read: I'm not sure on this one. It wasn't a book I could get into enough. Other people really seem to love the book though. If you're looking for some Canadian Lit, that is different than some of the other modern reads, than this may be a book for you.

What to read next: I'd suggest one of the author's other books.

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