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Book Review: Entanglement (SGA 6)

Title: Entanglement (SGA 6)

Author: Martha Wells

Pages: EBook 260

Summary: Leap of faith…

When Dr. Rodney McKay unlocks an Ancient mystery on a distant moon, he discovers a terrifying threat to the Pegasus galaxy.

Determined to disable the device before it's discovered by the Wraith, Colonel John Sheppard and his team navigate the treacherous ruins of an Ancient outpost. But attempts to destroy the technology are complicated by the arrival of a stranger—a stranger who can't be trusted, a stranger who needs the Ancient device to return home. Cut off from backup, under attack from the Wraith, and with the future of the universe hanging in the balance, Sheppard's team must put aside their doubts and step into the unknown.
However, when your mortal enemy is your only ally, betrayal is just a heartbeat away…

My Rating: 6.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: I seem to have a love hate relationship with the Stargate books. Either I really enjoy them, or I don't like them. And this was one of those ones which I didn't like.

I did enjoy the plot, it worked great with what was in the series and it had some interesting ideas , some plot twists were well done, and the author created a great Alternate Universe, that meshed well with the rest of the story. Unfortunately the characterization was off, which began to annoy me. The author didn't write the characters out of character, but instead focused on certain characteristics, and wrote using those characteristics to the extreme.  Rodney's annoying egoism was tenfold what it normally is, and John was at his worst - while he can be judgemental and stick with it, he came off as an arrogant ass, and not the leader you would normally see.  Because of how the characters were handled, the entire book felt off balance. I do appreciate the characters being written properly, I just didn't like that they were over exaggerated in their personalities.

Overall, it wasn't a bad book, the plot had a lot of potential, but characterization was off for me, and it had a negative effect on the book.

Would I recommend it to read: I wouldn't have this one at the top of the list, even to Stargate fans, there was potential, but I found to many issues with it.

What to read next: More Stargate books.

Challenges: 12 in 12 Challenge

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