Sunday, November 4

October Wrap-Up!

And now there are two months left in the year, 61 days left until the year ends (less than that because I'm writing this November 1, bur not sure when I'll post it as I still have a handful of reviews to get through).  October was a great reading month for me, I caught Giller Fever and found myself eying up other Canadian Award short/longlists. Although the book I wanted to win the Giller didn't win,  I had a blast reading the books, reading others reviews and joining in the conversations  - I'll go into more detail on that. I also did the 24-hour read-a-thon this month as well. Work has been crazy busy, so now I'm trying to catch up in everything from reading, replying and commenting, posts and all that. Let's hope the next two months calm down!

The Books

This month I managed to read 16 books. I came very close to reading more than that, I have three books, that are about 100 pages or left from being done and another that I'm also very close to finishing. But I've been falling asleep while reading at night. And due to a hectic few days at work, I haven't had time to read at lunch or on the commute there (although the commute was mainly due to other unforeseen circumstances. Including the cancelling of my train, being stranded and desperately trying to find away to work and getting there before 1 pm. I made it in the end). But 16 books is still a great reading month. I should have no problem reaching my reading goal of the year, and I may even be close or finish the 12 in 12 challenge. This month was a Canadian/Giller themed month as most of the books on the list were on the Giller Longlist and/or by Canadian Authors. I read some good books this month, and a few not so good months. A couple of books surprised me on how much I enjoyed them, like  My Life Among the Apes, while others disappointed me.  My favourite read this month was Our Daily Bred. My least favourite books were The Golden Mean and 419, this year's Giller winner.

1.       One Good Hustle - Billie Livingston - 7.5/10
3.        419 -Will Ferguson 3.5/10
4.        Our DailyBread - Lauren B. Davies  9.25/10
5.       My Life Among the Apes - Cary Fagan (Ebook) 7/10
8.       The Furies (SGA - 19) - Jo Graham  (EBook) - 8/10
11.    TheMirrored World - Deborah Dean  (Ebook) 7.5/10
12.    VintageMunro - Alice Munro - 7.75/10
15.    HarvestMoon - Multiple Authors  7.75/10

The Challenges

My challenges are going amazingly well. I managed to finish two challenges this month and I'm well on my way to finishing a few more for November. The TBR challenge still has me worried so does the series challenge, but 4 of the 5 books I still have to read for the series challenge count for the TBR. So maybe, hopefully I can do it. Books just need to stop tempting me


Alphabet Challenge - 26/26 books read - Completed October 12, 2012
100+ Challenge - 101/100 Books read - Completed October 15, 2012


12 in 12 - 111/144 - 77% Complete
1001 Books to Read Before Challenge 2012 - 13/15 - 87% Complete
Fall into Reading Challenge 2012 - 8/22 -  36%  Complete
Finish That Series Challenge 2012 - 0/3 - 0% Complete (4 books read from series one)
Ireland Reading Challenge 2012 - 6/8 - 75% Complete
Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012 - 33/50 - 66% Complete
Speculative Reading Challenge 2012 - 21/24 - 86% Complete

Countries Visited

Canada, USA, Russia, Nicaragua, Greece and England, and some fantasy worlds

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Bookish Events and Other Stuff

This month I participated in the 24-hour- read-a-thon. Which was on October 13, click the link to get all the juicy details. I did pretty good, and had a blast trying to stay up late, which I failed at. I also have thoughts on the Giller Prize, but I'll write a post later, to sum that up, had a great time reading the longlisted books, and discussing my thoughts and others in the blogverse.

Books That Followed Me Home

I also downloaded a lot of preview books for my Kobo, which I'm sure at some point many will accidentally download their full selves onto it.

I'm Starved for You: Positron Episode 1: Margaret Atwood - EBook
Choker Collar: Posiron Episode 2 - Margaret Atwood - EBook
The Tent - Margaet Atwood
Up in The Tree - Margaret Atwood - EBook
Wilderness Tips - Margaret Atwood
The Mirrored World - Debra Dean - EBook
The Garden of Evening Mists - Tan Twan Eng - EBooko
My Life Among the Apes - Cary Fagan - EBook
Not Wanted on The Voyage - Timothy Findly
Sunset Song - Lewis Grassic Gibbion - EBook
Club Dead - Charlaine Harris - EBook
The Mystery of Mercy Close - Marian Keyes - EBook
A Fine Balance - Rohinton Mistry - EBook
Lives of Girls and Women - Alice Munro
Open Secrets - Alice Munro
Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami - EBook\


  1. I have read far fewer books this year than in any other. I think that's because real life stepped in and cracked me over the head. We have had some serious situations going on over here, and there hasn't been time to read or write, or even comment as much as I used to. In the coming year, I think I am just going to stop pressuring myself and read and review what I want. I hope that I will at least read more books than I did this year! Your goal was impressive, and I hope you meet it!

  2. I've been there before - a few times. Real life can be vicious and stressful. I hope everything is good and continues to get better. I found it much more relaxing to read and review what I want, I'm reading a lot, but it's all things I want to read - even the ones I end up not liking. If I get my goal awesome, if I don't still awesome - as I've read some great books this year. Sending positive thoughts to you and yours.