Thursday, November 29

Book Review: Sacrifice Moon

Title: Sacrifice Moon

Author: Julie Fortune

Pages: EBook: 221

Summary: The Goddess hunts...

Just four days after Major Kawalsky’s death, Colonel Jack O’Neill leads the newly commissioned SG-1 on their first mission through the Stargate.

Their destination is Chalcis, a peaceful society at the heart of the Helos Confederacy of planets. But Chalcis harbours a dark secret, one that pitches SG-1 into a world of bloody chaos, betrayal and madness. Battling to escape the living nightmare, Dr Daniel Jackson and Captain Samantha Carter soon begin to realize that more than their lives are at stake. They are fighting for their very souls.

But while O’Neill and Teal’c struggle to keep the team together, Daniel is hatching a desperate plan that will test SG-1’s fledgling bonds of trust and friendship to the limit…

My Rating: 7.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: A good book, especially considering how early in the series it falls in. The author did a good job at creating a good representation of the team and the dynamics at the time the book takes place. It's so early on in the series, but how the team interacted with one another for the most part, worked with what we would have seen in the show. The author even tied in some references from another episode further down the line, that we never saw, but it was still nice to see it tied in. I do appreciate when the authors tie the references of the show into the books, but don't beat you over the head with it.

I enjoyed the story, although by the end, I did find it tended to drag on a bit and I began to lose interest. It was good, but I think some of it could have been cut out, and progressed a little faster. It was an interesting concept and I liked the main idea behind the plot some of the twists near the end surprised me, I didn't see it coming, but thought it was slightly out of character, but still an interesting twist to say the least. I enjoyed the ending of the book, again the author did  good job at showing the beginning of the bond the team has. Compared to some of the other books that happen early on in the series, this one of more better written ones at keeping the development of the team and their friendship in the right point of the show. There are times in the other books were the comfort level and development seem to be at the level from later in the series, while the actual story takes place earlier on. 

Overall it was a good read. Another great choice for the Stargate Fan.

Would I recommend it to read: Yes. But again only to Stargate Fans. Although this occurs right after the first episode of the show, it gives no explanation to a lot of the background stories to what is happening. 

What to read next: More books from the series.

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