Saturday, October 13

Read-a-thon: Update 2

Hours Participated: 9

Hours Read: 8 hours 15

Other/Blogging and Visiting: 45

Books Read: 1 book, 2 short stories and 1 novella

Pages Read:491


Cups of Coffee Consumed: 1.5 and 1 Chi Tea Latte Personal Cheering Team Status: Lupin watching Once Upon a Time with the family, Tonks is napping and following me around the house where ever I go. She's been a great personal cheer leadr

Other: Still going strong. Slowed down at around 2 - 3:30ish. Although most days I find that's when I have a bit of a lull. Luckily the family brought me home some A & W. which helped wake me up, along with a chi tea lattee. Now trying to decide which book to read next. And check in on some other blogs.

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