Wednesday, October 31

Book Review: Harvest Moon

Title: Harvest Moon

Author: Multiple Authors (see summary)

Pages: 377


A TANGLED WEB - Mercedes Lackey
Kidnapping Persephone should have been an easy task. But in the Five Hundred Kingdoms, nothing's ever simple - and the wrong blonde goddess is stolen by mistake, leaving Prince Leopold without his new bride. At least until her braves the realm of the dead to get her back...

Barely a teenager, Kaylin Neya is a thief, a fugitive and an attempted assassin. She also has a smart mouth, sharp with and mysterious markings on her skin. All of which make her perfect bait for a child prostitution sting in the city of Elantra - if she survives her first meeting with the Hawks.

RETRIBUTION - Cameron Haley
In the underworld, there are tricks to killing. Like executing rivals at crossroads so ghosts won't follow you home. But sometimes retribution is hard to avoid and now a supernatural hit man has a contract on Domino Riley's life. Luckily she knows a thing or two about death.

My Rating: 7.75/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: All three of the novellas were interesting well written stories. Each in their own unique way. And all have a central theme around the Harvest Moon (or that worlds' version of it), which adds some good twists to each individuals story and manages to tie them together, in sharing a central theme.

I enjoyed A Tangled Web and Cast in the Moonlight the most, but Retribution was also interesting and well written, the overall story for Retribution doesn't exactly appeal to me, but it does give a good look at what the series is connected to and I think a  lot of Young Adult readers, especially those who enjoy urban fantasy would enjoy the book.

Cast in the Moonlight would also appeal to the YA readers.  It has an interesting plot line, and I liked it enough that I think I may read the first book in the series. It had some interesting characters and a good story line, that I would love to read more about, and learn more of the background of the world, characters and their stories.

Tangled Web, was Lackey's usual wit and style. It was a bit humours, I always enjoy her twists on the mythology and fairy tales, and this was no exception. I have enjoyed most of what I've read from the Five Hundred Kingdoms, so it is also be some further reading I will seek out.

Overall, the best thing about the collection was that it gives the reader a chance to read and experience books from three different series, that you may not have read or even heard of otherwise. So all in all a good read.

Would I recommend it to read: I would. This collection is a great way to test out the individual authors and their series. They work as good one shots, but also are good indicators for the series as a whole.

What to read next: Winter Moon and the books/series the individual novellas are from. I think YA fans would particularly enjoy Michelle Sagara's series. Although Harley's Mob wars would also appeal to the YA audience. 

Challenges: 12 in 12

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