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Book Review: The Furies

Title: The Furies (SGA 19 - Legacy Series Book #4)

Author: Jo Graham

Pages: EBook 292

Summary: The Enemy Within

When disaster strikes, the Atlantis team resort to desperate measures in their bid to save Doctor Rodney McKay from the clutches of Queen Death.

With the lives of McKay and Colonel Sheppard at stake, Teyla Emagan must once again assume the role of Queen Steelflower as she attempts a dangerous subterfuge – a subterfuge made more complex by a tentative alliance with Guide, the Wraith once known as Todd. But in order to deceive Queen Death, Teyla must embrace her Wraith heritage more closely than she has ever done before. So closely that she may lose herself forever…

As the web of intrigue, deceit and betrayal grows ever more tangled, this thrilling instalment of the Legacy series takes the team into the very heart of darkness.

My Rating: 8/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: Overall I'm enjoying the wrap up of where the show left off, there has been some interesting twists and turns along the way, and this book was no exception, it left off having me hanging, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series, and then the final book, which hasn't come out yet. The story and plot was extremely well done, I liked, for the most part, where it was heading and some the twist it took, like Teyla becoming Queen Steelflower again. It's been very interesting to see that storyline re-emerge once again. Also, I've been loving Rodney's storyline, and I cannot wait to see how that will be wrapped up. I was also happy, for the most part, on characterization, there are certain things I dislike where certain plot threads, and continuity issues, but this author always seems to get the characters personalities and interactions with each other right.

 As I said above, I have some issues with the book. I'm trying to let them go, but it's still easy to be irritated when it deviates from what was on the show.Particularly with continuity, which happens in a lot in novelizations. They are little things, but when the show has shown one thing, and the book shows something completely contradictory to that, it bothers me. The biggest issue I had, was the hinting of a Teyla and John romance. I never pictured the two together on the show, good friends, but not romantically involved. It never fit, but the authors have been forcing this relationship together and it doesn't seem natural, is coming across as fan-fiction and it seems to be done to please the fans, and not progress the story. Which dislike a lot, and it seems to happen a lot in the novels of the series.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book, it's one of the best in the Legacy series.

Would I recommend it to read: Again, only to Stargate fans, which I recommending becoming.

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