Monday, September 17

Book Review: Spell Bound

Title: Spell Bound

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Pages: 337

Summary: Savannah Levine is in terrible danger and for once she's powerless to help herself. At the conclusion of Waking the Witch, Savannah an extraordinary powerful young witch with a dangerous pedigree swore that she would give up her spells if it would help a young girl caught in a horrible bind. Little did Savannah know that someone would take her up on that offer. And now witch-hunting assassins, necromancers half-demon and rouge supernaturals all seem to be after her. The threat is not just to Savannah - every member of the Otherworld might be at risk Spell Bound unites Elena, Clay, Paige, Lucas, Jamie, Hope and the rest, who will soon learn that the greatest threat to the supernaturals may come from within their own ranks.

My Rating: 7.5/10

What I liked/disliked about the book: This wasn't the strongest book in the series but I still enjoyed it. I just wish a little more was focused on overall plot, and less focus on Savannah, as I grew tired of her in this book an found the focus on her character's development in this tired repetitive.

Although not a lot happened in the book as for action and adventure, initially I did enjoy it a lot. It was giving the reader a lot of information, setting up for the final story, and what I hope to be the final showdown. So although it was slowly progressing, I was fairly happy with a slower preliminary story, to help set up for the conclusion of the series.

Unfortunately, as I've said above, I grew very tired of Savannah. She is young, and needs to grow, and the author does ensure this character grows in a natural way, her attitude does reflect her age, but still it became repetitive with how Savannah acted because of her loss of powers. It just went on and on, and on some more. I couldn't help thinking this time could be better used to help wrap up some of the stories for the other characters. Still props goes to the author for ensuring her character is realistic. I may not like Savannah at times, but at least she is progressing in a natural way, and not suddenly magically the perfect character.

What I enjoyed most about the book - the anticipation for the next. I haven't read the final book yet, but I did make sure I had it ready on the shelf to read before I read this one. It does leave in a cliff-hanger of a sort. And I can't wait to see how it all ends. My only concern is that not a lot has been wrapped up. With so many characters in the entire series, it looks like it will be hard to wrap everything up in one story, which I was hoping would start in this one. In any event, it was still a good read.

Would I recommend it to read: As the series overall I would, and you have to read this book to the series, so that will be a yes.

What to read next: 13 - the final book in the series.

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  1. This seems like it was hit or miss for you, with you disliking the main character, and wanting more to happen, yet also setting you up for the final showdown in the last book. I haven't read any of these, and I am on the fence. I am going to have to watch for your review of the last one!

    1. I do seem to feel that way about the series. It may also have to do with reading the two books back to back. Still a series well worth checking out.